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I recently noticed my network growing towards more of thought leadership experts. A lot of these leaders are in various industries. A number of network marketers like Shayo Alofe, you can check out some of what she does on her webpage. Others are in the John Maxwell leadership network, the likes of Mary Denise, Brigitte Michaels and many others.

In fact, Facebook started recently to connect me with a lot of executives with a similar profile. I then thought to myself, “what’s the biggest problem thought leaders have right now!”

A few keywords I put together

Have you ever heard these words:

  1. Ideation.
  2. Thought leadership.
  3. Publishing.
  4. Visibility.
  5. Authority.

I bet you have. Every thought leader or influencer has to wake up and write, speak or create ideas. This means we have to generate thoughts fast enough to engage and influence hundreds, thousands or even millions.

This means that a lot of you reading this post, are always trying out new ways to create content for your audience. Now, there are people who argue that the best way to do this is to use SEO tools and keywords research.

You may have read a ton of content that mention google keywords, Alexa, HOTH, MozBar and all the latest SEO tools. They suggest that you can make massive impact once you have mastered all the SEO tricks.

And you are wondering, What about old school, “just frigging write what matters!!”?

Jose Ignacio Apoj from Wix has an impressive argument for SEO.
He says:

“One of the best tools I have available to me is SEO. Why? Because when I understand what people are searching for, I can better create text that answers their questions and concerns, even in neutral Spanish.”

Jose Ignacio Apoj

The simple implication of this approach to content creation is this:

  1. Algorithms obsession.
  2. Obsession with traffic.
  3. Half truths and emotionally disconnected writing.
  4. Writing what doesn’t really matter to you.
  5. Dead storytelling!

I will suggest you follow the Wix blog for content writing ideas and tutorials. I absolutely love what they share and it encourages me a lot of times.
But on this occasion I have to disagree slightly with Jose.

Fact is this: SEO, traffic tricks, and automations are tools. They cannot replace your story or your creativity. The power behind a story is that it effects change and empowers the reader.

Towards the end of 2018, I started to receive a lot of messages from readers on my blog. Some would tell me how reading my thoughts had helped them through a phase of their life. I am sure that this affected my client acquisition more than any SEO tricks I have learned.

Ever read any George Orwell books?

George Orwell novels are so exciting because of the kind of writing he does; confrontation, politics, mysterious.

GO’s statue was recently reinstalled at the BBC headquarters. He was notorious for speaking uncomfortable truths.

If you have read 1984 or Animal Farm, you’d know that the writer of such stories is not looking for “patronage.” The statue project was stalled due to initial rejection by the BBC.

Yet in the wake of the 21st centuries, civilization has tended towards GO’s predictions. He is someone I consider one of the greatest futuristic writers that has lived. No wonder his statue now welcomes arrivals at the BBC.

On the wall behind his statue is a suitable confrontational quote from Animal Farm: “If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”.

Are You Advertising or Delivering Value?

One of the biggest rules of modern day advertising is to tell people what they want. Please your customers so that they can buy from you. I’m sure GO will be saying “I told you so.” It’s as if Orwell knew that a time would come when news would dictate thoughts rather than the other way around.

It seems as if art, business, technology, lifestyle and society continue to insist on strategies that solve no real problems.

Your family does not like you, change your message.
And your friend does not like you, change your message.
Your customer does not like you, change the message.

How many times are you going to discard your direction in exchange for what others want for you?

Do we Ignore Creativity or SEO?

I believe there is a nexus. There’s that approach that ensures that you write from your heart and also consistently deliver to Google search engine. What’s the Creative SEO:

  1. Write: This cannot be overemphasized. You are a whole body of knowledge and your stories are unique. Don’t hesitate on them. Write.
  2. Titles: Find the perfect switch for your titles. If you are writing about cars, then use the language of car enthusiasts in your titles.
  3. Edit: Remember to allow your writing time to breath.

The nexus is a synergy of creative thoughts and algorithms. You must understand where your passion lies and how best to present this passion to the search engine. The algorithms must not defeat your passion and focus on writing from the heart. In the end, people buy your emotions, not algorithms and traffic.

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