Growth In AI Marketing Software Will Disrupt Freelance Writing Hires

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AI Marketing software is becoming huge and affecting writers badly!

How are we coping? You might ask.

Initially, I felt this would be a phase and things would fade back to normal but it’s not getting there.

Especially since a lot of businesses are motivated by cost-cutting strategies.

I mean, why should I hire a writer for a thousand dollars or a million of AI can generate all the content for my sales funnel?

It might not be perfect.

It might sound generic.

It might even sound like a robot trying to lie to humans about things it doesn’t understand.

But who cares?

So long as I don’t have to pay so much to get my website launched or write that email campaign?

Some of my clients even say “don’t use AI” but then they compare my output with what AI can do.

So, how am I supposed to compete with the lexicon of a bot that has access to thousands of texts across the globe and is constantly monitoring patterns?

Especially when you are going to feed what I have written to it and ask it to make it more “spicy”

There’s also a trend now where businesses hire writers to use AI for cheaper fees.

So, they say you are allowed to use AI and in fact, should use AI but then you’ll get paid less money.

I’d love to read some comments on how AI is affecting people and how we are coping.

But here are some of the things I am doing and I recommend we all do:

  1. There’s a need to pivot and think of our services as part of an AI revolution. Instead of just marketing, think of how we can create automation solutions for businesses.
  2. We must think of value-add. Instead of just writing, I’m now offering to help businesses launch products online and create sales funnels. This is a bundle of skills.
  3. Sadly, offering a bundle like I share in 2 means you might need to charge more. So, maybe change our target customers to those who value acquiring complete packages at a reasonable fee.

What do you think business owners? Are you using AI for things you used to pay others for and how do you see human-services helping you in a way you are willing to pay for?

And for those of us in the creative space, how are you coping?

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