Gig setup, methods and hacks for newbie creatives selling or drop shipping services online all for N25,000 Today only!


Two hundred and forty six reviews!  That’s how many clients have logged on to Fiverr, worked with me, and then left a review about me. 246 Reviews 4.9 Stars is my total rating and I have done over 390 orders. 

And all I did was show up with simple solutions. My gigs are so easy to complete that sometimes I work on my phone while on a trip. I take my work with me everywhere. I have recently bagged my PhD. I would have lost so much time if I didn’t add freelance writing to my life. Would you like to know how to become an expert freelancer with your own creative skill? 

Are you a graphics designer, logo artist, voice over artist, scriptwriter, copywriter, architect, marketing specialist, YouTube creator, book publisher, financial coach, personal coach? Let’s talk!

How The Training Will Help
  • Clarity on how to start as a freelancer.
  • Opportunities to earn.
  • Turn ideas into products.
  • Develop a business mindset.
  • Check your potential to earn with a FREE assessment.
☑️ My Canva Portfolio Template (Value- N35,000)
☑️ 20 recorded mentoring videos. (Value, N100,000)
☑️ Create Work That Matters – A PDF guide exploring how freelance selling works (Value- N5,000)
☑️ Free Access to Live sessions and mentoring calls for LIFE. (Value – N50,000)
☑️ Access to a recorded info session on Fiverr setup. (Value – N35,000)
☑️PDF for Writing: The Business and Art. (Value – N2,500)
☑️PDF for Market Readiness Assessment (Value – N2,500)
☑️ Essential Freelancer’s Starter Pack PDF (Value – N2,500)
You’ll get N232,500 worth of resources for just N25,000!

Your time online can become productive and fulfilling!

Here are 3 things TO MASTER IN THIS Fiverr COURSE. MASTERING IT earns me from $1000 to over $2500 monthly:

1. Creating gigs: I have learned and mastered how to turn services into products. “I like writing” is different from, “I will complete xyz podcast script in 24 hours”. It takes a certain skillset to create products that international clients will pay hundreds of dollars to buy. learn how to do this effortlessly.

2. Testing and tweaking for search: There are people on freelancer platforms like Fiverr who are already selling your kind of service or skill. Learn how to test ideas, and tweak the Search Engine Optimization of your gigs. 

3. Advertise, distribute, promote: I show you how to maximize the Fiverr Ad feature. 

Let these three things be the first of many steps you take today! FREELANCING is a huge gold mine. You know what could make your learning even faster and easier?

Work From Fiverr

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Enrol in the Work From Fiverr course TODAY! Get instant access for just N15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira Only). This course includes videos and ebooks that will help you setup a profitable account.

Here’s what students who have taken the course say:

“This course has helped me grow my income and I can now contribute to my family’s income without even getting a full-time job” – Stephen.


“When I joined the course, I thought that this would be like any other course on freelancing. Imagine my shock and the detailed explanations are amazing!”

– Sarah

“Working from home has always been a dream for me. It took me some time but this course made it possible!”

– IJ

“If you are looking for a freelancer training with no fluff, I recommend Work From Fiverr hundred percent!”

– George

In less than a year, you can become a well-paid freelancer too! Let me sweeten the deal a bit. 

Get this course today and I’ll offer you a 6-month guarantee. If you take the course seriously for the next half year, go through all the videos and ebook, and implement without getting value for your money, I’ll refund 100% of your fee. Deal?

Work From Fiverr

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