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Write Heart

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This Ebook creates a mental shift that improves writing drastically and increases the writer’s capacity to create extraordinary ideas. This tool employs the power of clarity, focus and consistency while exposing the writer to top-notch tools for increased productivity.  This book has been described as the writer’s encyclopedia because it arms you with enough weapons for effective delivery.

With over 50 Writers trained using this ebook, the results have been tremendous. Writers who have purchased “Write Heart,” have grown to become editors, copywriters, storytellers, bloggers and so on.

“Write Heart” is not only relevant for established authors, bloggers and content creators, readers have also included Medical Doctors, Engineers, Researchers and Professionals from all walks of life.

After reading this book you would be able to:

  1. Define your writing goals.
  2. Focus on your style of writing.
  3. Identify your audience.
  4. Employ the digital tools for exceptional reach and visibility.
  5. Achieve personality growth; Clarity, Focus and Consistency.

Find your unique signature and voice, become the Professional Writer you have always wanted to be.

11 reviews for Write Heart

  1. Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu

    I have read a couple of books on writing but “Write Heart” is exceptionally different. The simple language used in this book makes the reader feel comfortable in digesting the ideas in it.
    The Author takes the budding and established writers round the business of writing, which includes the writing styles, the writers relationship with the audience and the Ideation process.The quality that crowned the book as the best for me was when Damilola took the reader through the process of blogging. And explained in clear terms why writers are unpaid and how to calculate their charges for freelance works

    With the knowledge I just gained in this book, I am on my way to not just be an exceptional writer. But a Writer that will create valuable contents for the generation to come.
    If you are a writer, and you don’t have have this book, something is wrong somewhere.

    Let me leave you with this.

    “You cannot be a great writer by just hiding away. You may need to step out of your comfort zone to pursue this goal if indeed, it matters to you.”

    From the book #WriteHeart by Jonathan Oladeji

  2. Oluchi Udeh

    Review for Write Heart

    • jonathanoladeji

      Thanks for stopping by, I know you meant to leave a comment on the book. Kindly do so as soon as you can.

  3. Jegede Oluwatosin

    Review for Write Heart

    • jonathanoladeji

      Thanks for giving feedback on your experience Oluwatosin. I wish you success in your writing career.

    • jonathanoladeji

      Thanks for stopping by, I know you meant to leave a comment on the book. Kindly do so as soon as you can.

  4. Immaculate

    Review for Write Heart

    • jonathanoladeji

      Thanks for stopping by, I know you meant to leave a comment on the book. Kindly do so as soon as you can.

  5. Angel MESSI

    Writing brings freedom.

    The fact that the book is brief and doesn’t contain ambiguous words makes it the more spectacular.
    I’ve read it thrice. It’s like a Bible every writer should read.

    Write Heart revived my Journaling. Like the Author said, “Every writer needs to keep journals. You should create logs of ideas that pop up while reading. Some will later turn out to be great stories.”

    Write Heart is a Bible; and what do faithfuls do to bibles? They read em daily.

    ~Angel MESSI~

    • Jonathan Oladeji

      Thanks for this review Angel! You are definitely set for great things.

  6. Favour Chidera Okeke

    In writing there’s no iron cast way of going about it, but that doesn’t mean there’s no need for some directives.

    This book, goes on to break down the complexities in writing, not making absolute, but showing the necessary rules/ things-to-know in writing. As the saying goes,” you’ve got to know the rules to be able to break it.”

    Diction is simple. Almost anyone can read it. It’s a good book. You wouldn’t have wasted your time by the time you’re done with it.

    • Jonathan Oladeji

      Thanks for this review Favour and I am happy to see this has been a guide to you.

  7. IbukunOluwa

    I am NOT a writer, but Write Heart has helped to draw parallels between teaching (which is what I do) and writing.

    Write Heart is an engaging book with a sparkling touch of humour. It is very easy to read yet filled with very salient points. I found myself nodding and “Hhmmming” as I read along.

    Thank you Damilola for this book. In my opinion, Write Heart isn’t just for writers, but for everyone who wants to live a life of impact.

    • Jonathan Oladeji

      Thanks so much Ibukun, your honest feedback means so much to me. I look forward to your growth as a teacher. Please share your journey with me as time permits.

  8. Kayode Sonibare

    I got hooked to this book from the start point.
    We all have in-depth desires to be heard and to be listened to. We all crave to let out our minds, express ourselves and inform others of our feelings and beliefs. Thanks to social media, this has been made possible and many have seized this opportunity for self-expression.

    “Write Heart” focuses on the depths of society’s wrought on our self-image, our attitude to speak out and express ourselves, and details with skillfully delivered notes and examples, on how to freely express ourselves, our fears, our desires et al., through the art of writing.
    This book provides archetypal tools which upcoming and developing writers need to improve their writing and effectively deliver their stories to their targeted audiences. It is an explanatory guide towards finding purpose through the act of writing and sets to tweak your awareness and improve your writing skills.

  9. Immaculate Uchechi

    So I finally got my hands on “Write Heart” and sincerely, I’m glad I did. In one hour I was able to grasp so much. I got the book with the intention of reading for the whole day, alas, it was a book with very few pages, and enormous content. I’m on my 2nd book and I can say, with what I’ve learnt from “Write Heart” writing this will not be as difficult as it was for me at the first experience. Thanks Dami for giving so much in a very simple manner.

  10. ChinyereDistinguished

    I opened “Write Heart” to glance through but then I couldn’t drop it till I finished the whole book. I like that it is written in an easy-to-read style, and it covers a wide range of questions that bother a writer.

    The content in terms of number of pages is small but it covered a great deal and this is my key lesson from the book – brevity! You don’t have to write so much to pass across a message.

    Weldone Damilola.

    • Jonathan Oladeji

      Dear Chinyere, I am so happy that you learned so much, simplicity, clarity, and elegance are skills every writer should learn. Thanks for your feedback.

  11. TosinFatade

    So inspiring was this particular book that I started writing an article midway into the book! Whether an aspiring or already established writer, this book will help you reorganise and identify strategic points for your next big thing.

    • Jonathan Oladeji

      Tosin I am really glad you enjoyed reading through “Write Heart”, I look forward to seeing a lot more of your writing.

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