Instead of LYING on Your Landing Pages, fix your HEADLINES.

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The headline in your landing page copy is your marketing arrowhead.

Sharpening it is non-negotiable.

Writing a punchy headline isn’t the same as lying to grab traffic.

When writing your headline, think about this:

  1. What outcome am I promising my buyer?
  2. Does it match buyer inquiries?
  3. Is it written to match search experiences?

A cool hack I use when writing copy is to research using my client’s competitor sites, google pages, Amazon listings or any social media platform where customers send reviews.

Find the recurrent keywords, the best and worst reviews. These are gold mines for crafting your product promise or headline.

Sales and landing page copy that use this technique center the customers and guarantee a higher conversion rate.

Don’t use this technique for a sh*tty product, it will work and then you’ll get nasty reviews!

I’ve got a lot more of this type of content coming. If you’ve been looking for resources to grow your online business, brand or product browse my bookstore for helpful resources. Contact me to write copy for your product launches.


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