Silence is Bad Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses using Digital Platforms

I don’t think people who work silently are any better than those who don’t. The power of storytelling is not limited to the way it makes people feel. It also affects how effectively you capture your market share. In “How…

Delta State, Nigeria: Don’t doubt your gift.

You might wonder why I am so confident about my work. Every new day as a freelance writer comes with its own sets of doubts. Talking to prospects, meeting deadlines, missing some, taking new jobs. It’s like running a company…

Jenna Bourgeois’ Claim About Nigeria, a Lesson to Investors

Why is Jenna announcing the failure of his venture at this time? It’s a perfect loophole to claim Nigeria was simply too fraudulent to work in. Covering up probable mismanagement, exploitation of labor, and horrible recruitment processes.