Business Growth Hack: Always Choose the Entrepreneurial Copywriter

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Working from the Hospital hallway…

This is my life as an Entrepreneurial Copywriter.

My wife is about 8 months pregnant.

And I can’t wait to meet our baby.

This is not how the journey started for me.

I was scared and anxious and some days, I still have worries.

I launched my content development business years before we met.

I started my PhD journey many years before I met my wife.

Now, I am starting the journey to fatherhood with her.

Copywriting for Business Growth is Like Pregnancy in Many Ways

And the feeling is not so different.

Building one day at a time.

Learning on the go.

Troubleshooting problems.

Finding experts and learning from them.

It’s not been so different.

And I am learning new lessons while reinforcing old ones.

Working remotely for clients building businesses is like being a partner to my pregnant wife.

I’m not the one with the greatest risks or fears.

I’m not the one who might lose everything or who is risking it all or quitting their job to start a business.

But I am there with my clients, sharing their pain, joy, and struggles.

And even though their business is not mine, I am also a business owner.

Growth is Emotional: Content is How we Connect

I have a sense of how difficult it is for them.

I can tell that they are going through rollercoaster emotions.

I have empathy for their needs and so I show up for them even when it’s uncomfortable.

I know my discomfort pales in comparison.

And I know they appreciate every gesture and time spent serving them.

I know that everytime I do something that eases their stress a little, they are grateful.

I know that I don’t have to have the experience exactly to empathize.

But I need to show care and concern for my clients as they build their business.

What qualities should you look out for in a copywriting agency or provider? An entrepreneurial mindset!

You are a business owner and you need someone who can relate to your journey.

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