Zainab Haruna’s Midas Touch and the Soup N Stew Empire

There’s this myth in Nigeria and parts of Africa that some women have the Midas Touch. The myth propounds that even if a poverty stricken man can only just marry a woman, his fate would be reversed

Trevor Noah: The best 5-minutes elevator conversation I had with the man.

“Donald Trump has made everyone interested in everything, everywhere. He’s a worldwide phenomenon. And with everything that’s going on — the Muslim ban, threats to women’s rights, the environment

I Know why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou: A Book In Review.

I find the storytelling quite black and white. First I think Maya was a strong black hero who felt the deaths of two great leaders in the battle for black freedom quite personally. She had first become close to Malcom X, while in Kenya

9 Rules to follow when you are underpaid and overworked!

Most people pay for sex what they will never pay for real hard work. It’s not news that a lot of young people are underpaid and overworked. I don’t know if this applies outside Nigeria but you would see a lot…

Why I chose Paystack over VoguePay: Making sure I can sell my stories.

Erroneously a lot of writers think they need no technical skills to navigate content creation and the marketing space. Paystack is one tech space giant you don’t want to ignore. Every startup business needs to read this. A few days…

​Haggai Mortgage Bank (RCCG): A revisit on shelter and the Nigerian church’s political strategy.

A lot have said the church has no business in business or politics. They should not be held accountable for how money is channeled and how they contribute to the struggles of ordinary Nigerians. RCCG disagrees. I present to you,…