Write with Flair

In this 21-day course, I will teach you how to turn your skill into a profitable tool. You’ll become more confident as a professional writer and understand how to run your writing brand from home or as a side-business. 

The Basic Plan – N10,000 ($27)

  • Lifetime membership to an exclusive writing group.
  • Write Heart (The Book)
  • Discover Storytelling (The Book).
  • Lifetime access to 21-day course content.
  • 21-day writing email course.
  • Video training.
  • Daily writing development tasks & PDF workbook.

The Basic Plan – N30,000 ($80)

  • Lifetime membership to an exclusive writing group.
  • Write Heart (The Book)
  • Discover Storytelling (The Book).
  • Lifetime access to 21-day course content.
  • 21-day writing email course.
  • Video training.
  • Daily writing development tasks & PDF workbook.

You also get Premium offers:

50% off Now the Brand Speaks (The Guide and workbook)
Free Content Marketing Strategy Planner
FREE Digital Branding Webinar
1-hour consultation call.


These lessons will work for you, irrespective of age, location and your income level. GET THIS BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE. Freelance writing is competitive. 



Damilola is a Nigerian Writer Living in South Africa. A lot of writers struggle with their skill because you think it’s not profitable. Damilola wants to prove to you that writing could be a full time passion and a full time job. If you want, you can make it your full time job or a side-business. You could earn enough profit to live the life you want from writing.  

Damilola is an author, a Real Estate Research Fellow and  a Brand Consultant. He serves and has served on the team of Small & Medium Scale enterprises, and as a Brand Strategist for business in various sectors like Real Estate, Health, Construction, Publishing, Marketing, Fashion and lots more. 

He is also the Author of Grey Wine, Bloody Ideologies, Write Heart and co-author of “Life’s Chrysalis” published in Canada. Damilola’s work has been published on Africa on the Blog, The Guardian News, The Naked Convos (TNC), Tuck Magazine, Kreative Diadem, Viva Naija and a host of others. He is an International Essay Prize Winner. 

Damilola has put together the Write with Flair program with aim of helping you navigate your journey as a writer. These training is a product of years of learning and you will absolutely fall in love with it.



Why do you think you want to be a professional writer? Do you think you would be happier with an extra income source? Are you a leader who wants to write your own book? 

Writing promises to make you a better version of yourself. Increase your AUTHORITY, SELL your service and products, make more MONEY and maybe even find more fulfillment at work. 

Won’t you rather get paid to do what you love?

Here’s an opportunity for you to make yourself an asset to your company, other agencies hiring writers, and even your own side-business. 

By writing books, articles, blogs, and emails, you are allowing yourself the chance to turn your hobby into business and profit. Don’t stop yourself now!

In this course, you will learn to improve your:

1. Communication skills.

2. Selling skills.

3. Networking skills.

4.  Research.

5. Negotiating and pricing

6. Storytelling.

7. Brand and Marketing. 

All of these skills combined are going to help you navigate the business of writing professionally. 

You’ll find clarity of purpose, identify your writing niche and understand how to target the right goals and achieve them. 




The Write With Flair WWF program is an online (email, videos, groups) writing course that would last 21 days. You are going to work alongside other students and that makes it easier to hit those writing goals.

This course has produced award winning writers, freelancers, published authors, digital marketers and social media managers. 

When we started this course, it was a simple online group chat. For a number of weekends, writers would come to the group and discuss their struggles with freelancing, completing their book projects or marketing their services. 


All these struggles became material for the WWF program. You will be gaining access to years of experience and detailed guidance through various mediums. 


This course is designed to help you create persuasive stories. The daily prompts and suggestions, help you get past your fears. By participating fully you will hone your voice and build a consistent writing habit and style. 

Through this course you’ll be introduced to various writing markets that could earn you income:


1. Brand writing.

2. Ghostwriting.

3. Content marketing.

4. Blogging.

5. Article writing.

6. Storytelling.




This course is tailored to fit into your schedule. The delivery of training includes:

1. Daily Emails. (Be sure to register with an email address you always have access to).

2. Videos lessons.

3. Ebooks on Writing, Branding and Marketing. 

4. Daily writing challenges.

5. Flexible enrollment. You can start when you are ready.

6. Closed online support group.