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One of the biggest opportunities to lead for me has been in the literary community. After launching cfwriterz.com, the team has grown in leaps and bounds. We have fought through tough times and realized how important our role is as a platform for emerging African voices.

I would like to invite you my readers to share this opportunity with your network. It’s just a few days till the close of submissions. We look forward to reading all these amazing stories, poems, essays and think-pieces.

CFWriterz announced the call for submissions for the Collins Elesiro Literary Prize & June 2020 Magazine earlier this month. It’s been exciting to receive all the entries so far. The team is anticipating.

We have had such a great reception and support from writing communities across Africa. From Uganda, to Kenya, South Africa to Nigeria.

Unlike our previously themed contests, this edition the contest comes without a theme. We still insist on quality writing and would be opening our platforms to the best of African stories. The magazine is not under any obligation to accept an entry or to announce winners. As much as we try to contact all entrants, only selected winners can be assured of feedback.

Collins Elesiro Literary Prize

This year, the Freedom Magazine continues its exciting relationship with Collins Elesiro. Our mandate remains to tell the best of African Stories and promote the reading culture of Africans.

Read more about us here.

More about Collins Elesiro.

This year’s prize comes with N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira) for our top 3 entries and an e-publishing deal.

The Taste of Home by Chinenyenwa Favour Chukwuma (Nonfiction), emerged winner of the June 2019 CFW Freedom Magazine Award.

Download our previous editions below to get familiar with what we look out for.

The judges for this June Magazine and Literary Prize will be unveiled on our website in due course.

Benefits also include:

  1. Cash remuneration of up to N100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira).
  2. E-Publishing contract worth N60,000 (Sixty Thousand Naira) for the top 3 entries. Read about our digital publishing here.
  3. Widespread readership of 7000+ online readers audience worldwide. Kindly recommend your friends to join our Elite readers here. 

Winners from African countries outside Nigeria, like Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, or Africans in the Diaspora, must have paypal accounts or must be able to receive paypal funds.

Visit cfwriterz website to get all the details

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