Do you want so desperately to author a book? Hey, there’s no need to be desperate. I am here to help you realise that dream. Business in the 21st century has transitioned globally as founders and managers explore innovative ways to connect better with their audiences. Online storytelling has come to fill a gap that TV, radio and billboards may never fill. Writing content is going to help you and your company re-imagine the future of work. Content writing has become one of the fastest growing outsourced services that businesses and leaders seek to incorporate into their problem-solving efforts.  If you are struggling to write those ads, ebooks, newsletters, email campaigns, articles and social content, then you have found the right person! 

“I Will definitely work with him again.​”

Damilola helped me write a piece of work. He did an excellent job and worked within my tight deadline. Will definitely work with him again.
Tobore anne


AMAZON Book Publishing

Need help transforming your book from an idea to a fully published work? Right from inception to publishing, you are covered. 

This service includes:

1. Editing. 

2. E-book publishing on Amazon, Okadabooks and cfwriterz.

3. Amazon print-on-demand publishing for paperback. 

4. Cover and ebook interior designs. 

COST - N90,000 excluding editing cost ( $250)

Freelance WRITING

Outsourcing your brand content and stories would help you focus on doing business. I provide a full range of services including:

  • Web copywriting. (N10 per word)
  • Website designs & management. ( N250,000 or $700)
  • Social media management (N30,000 or $85)
  • Blog article writing. ( N15, 000 or $45 per 1,000 word article) 
  • Ebook Writing. (N10 per word)
  • Ghostwriting. (N10 per word)
  • Landing pages & Sales Funnel creation (N50,000 or $140)

COST - N90,000 excluding editing cost ( $250)


Do you need professional guidance? I offer training and support services for businesses, brands and aspiring authors. Available support include: 

1. E-books. Visit my store. 

2. 21-Day Write with Flair Training. Join here.

3. Now The Brand Speaks, Webinar. Join here. 

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I always put the story first because it’s in the integrity of this process that value is transferred and your professional brand image shines through!