Damilola Jonathan Oladeji wins the Biopages Essay Contest.

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Winning the Biopages Essay Contest comes as a beautiful climax to several months of preparation and campaigns. The support from readers was immense and the competition was intense. Today I am pleased to announce that the winning entry “Strangers in Africa” was written by this blog’s author, Damilola Jonathan Oladeji. This selection makes the entry the top entry of 161 total from all over the world.Strangers in Africa by Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

I’m excited! I have shouted, my heart is light and I feel the beauty of this day is one we will all remember. This was not just my win, we all won this together and that gives me joy.

The sentiments have been the same, Nigeria should learn from this and give us credible leaders. Voting for democracy is part of the new Africa we want.

My Ghanaian brother who also entered had a lot of votes but the judges made it clear that votes are not the only consideration. The comfort is that, I represented Africa and as you can see, we won!

Permit me to say congratulations to the ladies too, the judges were impartial. I was the only Male winner. Still, it was a win for us all!

Winners list, Biopage contest.

Other Exciting Achievements

This morning I spoke with one of the businesses I am consulting for about my student Olayemi Mary Adeola, the owner was so impressed by her work.

They sent me this message:
“She is great! I love her work. Great match, well done. She is a responsible young lady, I like her. You are her mentor, that’s to be expected. 😊! Great Job.”

The business is seriously considering an extended contract with Adeola and this makes me so happy. She also completed the 21 days writing course I run and this is why I am so proud of her and sharing the spotlight with her.

Wins like this is all the validation I need. To see other young people given a chance! There’s so much to say about this past few months. I can only be grateful that I have had a chance to be that sign that there’s possibility ahead of you!

You made this Biopages win Possible

I appreciate every single person that shared my story link. Those who supported me with messages and calls, my family; even my parents were sharing the link and my Dad’s comment really gave me joy. I know the effort it took a lot of you to vote by commenting. That went beyond just clicking a vote button, you guys actually went to the polls for me and I cannot be more grateful.

This year I have published more stories including getting accepted on the Naked Convos, and it took all the support I could get. From completing my 21 day writing course to rewriting Grey Wine and to completing Bloody Ideologies. It’s been a year of pushing my limits and you all have made it possible.

For the rest of the month, I will be opening my book store to anyone interested to get my course, stories, writing resources for 75% off. It could have been a free deal but most of the people I have results working with are usually those ones who paid and this is why I am taking only 25% payment and I think this is a fair deal. I am still on the path to publishing Grey Wine with Conscious Dreams Publishing, U.S.A. I can’t achieve this feat without you and so let this be my way of showing some gratitude. If you don’t read books, just get them for someone who does. You will be connecting them with me and that’s a win win!

Visit the store or leave a comment to get in on this awesome deal. It will be on till 30th September. We keep winning!

As much as I cannot split the cash prize and distribute it, here’s my little way of giving back. Thank you once again!



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