I Started Netting Zero Returns on Fiverr and No New Orders.

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If you have been following my journey with Fiverr, you would understand how frustrated I was when my revenue dropped to almost zero. It was rapid and without warning. I was not getting impressions. Only low-quality leads were messaging. It was mostly time-wasting and frustrating. I had almost zero gig purchases for about two weeks.

I started to investigate the cause. Typically one of the things I do when I am unsure about why I am not getting requests is to check the Fiverr forum. Typically, you would see other sellers who may be experiencing similar issues and might even find a fix.

So what are the changes that Fiverr has implemented and how they might affect you? I am going to talk about the top 3 I noticed.

These Fiverr Updates Include:

1. New & Changing Categories: An example of this is the introduction of the UX Writing category. If you are a sales copy writer, you would have to add your gig to this category in order to get noticed at all.

2. Keyword Changes: In the email notifications, Fiverr has recently included suggested keywords that should be in your gig. It’s important more than before to check Fiverr emails and see these keywords then incorporate them in your titles, gig descriptions and meta. Suggested keywords for the UX Writing category included: UX copy, UX writing, microcopy.

3. Gig Promotions: Fiverr has always had the option to promote gigs by advertising. Recently, they have added the “Promoted Gigs” feature to the seller dashboard. They have also made it a more prominent feature. What this implies is that Fiverr might be looking to diversify returns to include advertising revenue and as such would prioritize promoted gigs.

One other feature that was added was the Fiverr for businesses that allow businesses to build freelancer teams on Fiverr. This is more likely to create a situation where freelancers are on retainers with buyers. It is important more than before to get those great reviews.

You might be wondering what next? I have provided a training program that teaches freelancing based on my personal journey. I will be hosting a free webinar in a few days and will explore some of the opportunities and challenges of creative skills.

However, here are a few suggestions for Fiverr sellers:

I used these tweaks to get my gigs back on track. Within a week, I could see a clear difference in impressions and I made reasonable gig sales within the first 3 days of fixing my account. So this is what you can do:

1. Make sure your gigs are in the right categories. Some of the old categories may not be visible to buyers as before.

2. Rewrite your titles and gig description to reflect the new keywords on Fiverr. You can do a quick gig research (I discuss this in my training program).

3. Make sure that your gig keywords are still relevant. You can change these by editing your gig.

4. Wait to see how these changes affect your impressions and clicks. If you continue to experience low traffic, or conversion then redo steps 1-3. You should notice a growth in impression between 24-48 hours.

I hope this helps you grow your earnings as a freelancer or creative. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment or question below. Don’t forget to share this.

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