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I recently made a post about Grant applications and quite a number of people responded. Grants are usually a big deal for small businesses and even the big ones.

How do you make sure you stop getting rejected after every application?

Would you like to access grant information worth over $8.5M (N3.2Billion)?

Social Business can be frustrating without funds.

In the past few years, I have worked with at least 5 established NGOs in South Africa and Nigeria. I have written content for all these platforms and most times consulted with them on fundraising and grant applications. These organizations cut across fashion, environmental protection, human capacity and poverty alleviation and so on.

One of the things I have found is that social interventions can be frustrating without money.

Doing good without appreciation or support can make you become depressed.

A client I worked with last year sent me a message that they had applied for 3 different things; fellowships and grants. They were frustrated by the “lack” of opportunity. They were ready to quit and close their NGO.

You might have been in the same situation and I am sure you know how heartbreaking those rejection emails are.

What breaks you is not just the money you don’t get but the fear that “maybe what I am doing just doesn’t matter”.

Doing good without appreciation or support can make you become depressed.

I saw this opportunity put together by Ogunbowale Olugbenga and couldn’t keep in my excitement because I knew immediately that I had to share this with my client. I spoke to Mr. Gbenga and he said there is an early access fee for only a limited time.

You are going to have access to this faculty of great achievers at a reasonable price. These are seasoned social change makers who have also gone through every step of grant searching and they have results to show. They have applied to and gotten various grants and fellowships. They know what grantmaking bodies expect from you.

Are you tired of the rejection emails? Do you want to get those fellowships and grants? Do you think your projects deserve positive responses?

Last year, I applied for 2 major PhD funding and got them. I understand the amount of work it takes to achieve this. One of the lessons I had to learn was that your mentor, board of directors, or team determines the opportunities you can access.

It’s important that you choose the kind of people who have had success in the grant applications you are likely to try out. How would you like to have 7 highly sought after CEOs and Founders teach you everything they know about grants?

I am going to ask only one thing from you. When you apply to join this Grant Masterclass, there’s a portion to say where you got your information. It’s important that you write my name there. 

Where it asks, How did you hear about this Masterclass? add “Damilola Jonathan Oladeji” or any variation of my name. Why? I want to give you a gift as well. It’s N 5000 discount voucher on any book, course, consultation or training I offer. If you register now, today, and add my name, I will cut off 5,000 from whatever it will cost to give you any of my books or training.

Now, the ball is in your court.

By joining this Grant Masterclass, you will get:

1. Firstclass training on grant applications.
2. Identifying grants.
3. Accessing opportunities.
4. Opportunity to network and be mentored by the best.
5. You also get any or all of my offers at N5000 discount!

Share it and go register right now. Remember to add me as your referral.

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