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Dr Sam Adeyemi’s Success Secrets for Digital Marketing & Branding

by | May 29, 2020 | Brand, Business | 0 comments

A few days ago, On the 20th of May, I wrote a Facebook post about Pastor Sam Adeyemi. I was convinced that something changed about his content and digital strategy in 2019. I believe these simple and tested strategies are also easy to implement for any brand especially as we respond to COVID-19 and lockdowns.

So I attended How to do Branding and Marketing on A Budget with Dr Sam Adeyemi who also Pastors Daystar Christian Center. I even asked my family to attend as well. I am glad they did. The Cohost was Harriette K. Burrel. What I discovered in the webinar was that my analysis of Dr Sam’s digital platforms was spot on.

I was right! Something truly changed in 2019 and if Sam Adeyemi endorses a particular system, I don’t think it can be absolutely wrong to try it.

New in-store offers to grow your brand

During the course of the webinar, he revealed that a dream conference he had triggered a change for the Success Power tv in early 2019. After a few unsuccessful attempts to reach more people through their physical conferences, he discussed with Harriette.

They concluded that the most important success factor is exposure. Put away all the jargon and noise, get and spend on exposing your content or brand to more people!

Harriette convinced Dr. Sam to do a live webinar and the results totally blew him away. He particularly loved the fact that they could host their conference at almost zero cost to host and participants.

The webinar also highlighted 3 major tools for brand marketing on a budget:

  1. Content: create them frequently an consistently.
  2. Social Media: court exposure by all means and maximize reach.
  3. Exposure: Spend on advertising to grow your small business.

An emphasis was the need to minimize cost on websites and logo designs. I should add that the reason you need a website is so it helps your customers find you and it helps you coordinate your communication, branding, and ecommerce. I tell my website clients this. If you must spend on a design, make sure it does this for you.

Let me also share what I wrote on Facebook on here.

Usually getting ideas on how to use platforms could be tough.

It’s why a lot of small and medium scale businesses are scared by this lock down. Many people don’t know where they can start their online business or brand from.

In 2019 I noticed something changed about how Pst. Sam Adeyemi used his platforms. The page was definitely functional before then but something had changed. When we think about prophets in Africa, we hardly mention Pastors like him. In the true sense, I believe that prophesy is about identifying the move or trends using God’s word or his gifts as a guide.

This prepares and inspires people to create solutions or act according to the prophesy in a way that will serve a bigger mandate.

– A cake maker hears the prophesy and starts their online store.
– A shoemaker goes to learn in a computer literacy program.
– A fashion designer stops delivering in-store and automates delivery via logistics companies.

All in all, life becomes easier for people and they prosper. That would have been a beautiful prophesy right?

Well, here are a few insightful things that changed about the Sam Adeyemi brand that I really like:

  1. There was a complete connect across platforms that ensured that members can easily buy into events and training online.
  2. The page got even more personal as Facebook live sessions gave us a chance to interact with the Pastor himself. This put a face to the platform and I am sure such videos can be repurposed into courses.
  3. The live sessions, quotes and graphics used to remind readers of messages also tied back into already created products. You can register for mentoring webinars, buy books or pay for other offers already created on the website.
  4. Email campaigns became a regular part of their outreach. Great for nurturing relationships with your readers.
  5. Blog articles became a more frequent reading option on the page. These are good for building authority and capturing new audiences.

The most important part of this was that there was a strategy that ensured that Pastor Sam could still connect with his audience outside the physical space of the church. This was the prophetic part of the whole strategy. Also in January just before the lockdowns, there was a message and design tagged “Rest”.

For leaders or Ministers or business owners inching towards that age bracket where you cannot physically run every part of a business, understanding digital trends might make life easier for you.

A few other brands who have done this well are Brian Tracy and Leke Alder.

I think the lesson here is that change must be anticipated especially in these times. Being ahead of the changes happening would very likely position your brand in a way to stay relevant to your audience. As Facebook introduces the shop feature, it’s only critical that we start asking what can be achieved using this new options.

How can we integrate all these resources into one collective strategy that works, keeps serving our audience and helps us conserve energy, time and resources.

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