Answering Questions about Payoneer, Fiverr & Freelance Writing

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A few days back, I decided it was time to do something about helping writers I have trained in a more committed way. I realized that after going through the 21-day writing course I created, some still needed hands-on support.

We started to have conversations about freelance writing and some of the issues that young writers might have with revenue and professional writing.

I first thought to keep this information till later but I guess I’ll just share it as I also learn. There are a few things I have been working on and learning lately which I think every one of us should try to investigate and share our discoveries.

  1. Getting paid on Medium
  2. Facebook ads for marketing your books.
  3. Amazon Kindle for profit.
  4. Adsense and SEO.

Now, I know there are a lot of tutorials and training out there but nothing beats personal discovery. I created the 21-day course from personal discovery and I have written more helpful resources for writers and businesses than I can count.

I shared briefly on Payoneer in a voice note and made it into a podcast. You can listen here:

Getting payments sorted out is one of the key steps in the profitability of all our work as writers in a global/international market. Let me know your thoughts.

Now, I know there are a lot of tutorials and training out there but nothing beats personal discovery.

Here’s a summary of Payoneer’s critical role in the future of writing for Africans:

  1. Every writer needs to write on commercial scale.
  2. Getting paid is essential. International or foreign exchange is great income.
    3 Payoneer is fast becoming the best option. You can even use it with your Fiverr and Upwork account instead of PayPal.
  3. It allows you to have a US bank account to receive payment from any location. This gives access to most freelance or self publishing platforms.
  4. It helped me register as a Medium Partner and I mentioned this in my 21 day writing course as a reason to do the course using a Medium account. Now it means there is a chance we all can earn legitimately on Medium.

Some of the writers I shared with asked various questions which I have tried to answer below.

Frequently asked questions about Payoneer & Freelance writing include:

  • Do I Need a Visa or MasterCard for Payoneer: You don’t need to use your card during registration. The card you will get after you have earned some money on your Payoneer is a Payoneer MasterCard that they send to you.
  • What happens when Upwork rejects my account: My suggestion is this. Fiverr is still by far the easiest to work with when it comes to access. There are no restrictions on how much work you can get done or how you can earn.
  • Do I Need to Have an Identification Document: You should be able to use any form of a valid ID. None of us shouldn’t have at least an International Passport, Driver’s License, PVC or National ID. It’s important as Africans that we break the stigma attached to our identities.
  • Are there tricks for getting gigs: You don’t need to pay a 50k fee for a seminar on Fiverr. Simple changes to your profile, keywords in gigs and portfolio and dedication to repeating what works or rebranding your gigs are enough.
  • What should I do on my Fiverr Account: Create gigs. Use keywords in creating those gigs. Check the top-performing gigs in your niche and how they design their gigs and rework their titles or descriptions. Create enough gigs and the search algorithm will bring buyers. Use your portfolio write-ups as images for your gigs. Make it a bit visual so that people are tempted to message you. Also, try sending buyer requests your pitches. Check the buyer request sections. Pitch your gig frequently until you land a few gigs. Then make sure you get your 5 stars. The first step though is to get requests and inquiries. So set up your gigs.

Monetizing Medium

Recently I was able to register on the Medium Partner Program using my Payoneer account. This is the reason I asked students in my 21-day writing course to start using Medium accounts for their assignments. It’s important for writers to find platforms that help them grow and make some income.

Why recommend Medium?

I started pushing my students to Medium because it can be monetized. Also, it potentially increases your brand’s SEO. It’s an Authority Writing platform, which means people will more likely go there for authorities in your niche than anywhere else. Few people would go to Facebook to search for things about Aerodynamics. You are more likely to find such on Medium. And also basically for more visibility. Also, for students still learning how to write for international audiences, Medium is a great place to improve your writing style. At least more than social networks.

An interesting thing about Medium is that for those who own their own blogs or websites, Medium allows you to import posts directly from your site using just the link. So you don’t need to write it twice. I think the only thing is that it’s recommended to keep the link at the end that says where it was originally published for SEO purposes.

You need the link to your post from wherever you published it. When you check your stories on Medium, you will see an option to add a story from a link. Then you use your web link. That’s all for today. Thanks for reading.

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