The Ultimate Freelancer Income Growth Matrix: I think I am ready for a car.

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Today, I went out to shop for cars. For the first time in my life, I walked confidently into a dealership. I don’t think I would have had the guts a few years ago to walk into a car dealership and be telling them “let me think about it”. At least this year 2021, even though I haven’t bought a car, I feel like I can price a car.

Earlier in the year, when looking for an apartment to rent, I needed some proof of income. Since I am technically unemployed in SA, I used my PayPal account to apply for a rental contract. This is something I never thought could be possible. My financial standing as a freelancer and consultant is worth a whole lot in the world we are living in now. It’s not like before where you need a salary slip to get anything.

Yet, you still get bills as a freelancer…

Every month, I see a rent bill of up to N125,000. In a year, my rent alone is nothing less than N1.2M. I wouldn’t have tried that a few years ago. When I worked as an Estate Manager in Osogbo, I would fluctuate between N15,000 to earning N35,000 from rentals. I used some of that to put 6 months on a small office space and paid to cut small banners that read “To Let/Sale” so I could hang them over properties. I was ideally, hustling and I am proud of that phase.

I think it’s very easy for people to get carried away by how little their income is that they lose sight of how much they are worth. In a few weeks, I will be releasing my Fiverr resource pack. I have signed up over 70 people in the past 4 weeks. I am still planning to teach as many people as I can.

Get access to a full resource on Fiverr Selling.

And you deserve to dream no matter your income…

When I decided to come to South Africa to get a PhD, I didn’t have any rich Uncle or major scholarship to rely on. But I had a skill and I have the mind of a business mogul. I believed that circumstances are never an excuse to look down on one’s self and remain stagnant. In fact, they should fuel your ambition. At the time, I couldn’t anticipate how my life would change but I knew it would and I put in the work everyday. Even when it looked like a mere dream. When I sounded like a broken record. When my posts gained almost no responses. When I looked like I was drowning in unrealized goals. I had my sight on my objectives.

Last week I was paid like 2x my monthly rent to be on a team of Real Estate Finance consultants.Writing paved the way for my other career to blossom. It is still in the works and growing but it’s not the same as where I was in 2016/2017. I have a special offer on my Fiverr course because I think the lessons I teach can be applied to almost any skill set. I believe that with a steady income flow, you can also fund your dreams and nothing is impossible.

I have created a training on Fiverr…

This training is valued at N50,000 or even more but I have cut down the price tremendously. However, there’s a price for late coming. All the 70 people who joined last month got it for N2,500 only (about $6). Their decision to get early access will have to count for something. Now, it’s at N3,500 and climbing to hit N9,500 at the end of this month. Whatever you think about my offer, just remember that my story despite how simple and probably regular, it’s still a real story of change that happened methodologically. It didn’t fall in my laps.

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There are steps I followed carefully and those are some of the steps I will be sharing. I hope that everyone going through a starting phase of their life doesn’t let that limit their dreams. If you have worked hard on yourself and you are about to throw in the towel, please don’t. Time makes things beautiful and you may just need a little nudge in the right direction. If you want in, let’s talk. I have a question for you. Is there something big like owning a car that you think is impossible for you because of your current situation in life?


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