The Ultimate Formula to Landing Your First Freelance Writing Gig

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Compared to when I just started on social media, I wrote for the passion, for the fun, and sometimes for $1. I figured there must be a reason I was not landing the kind of freelance writing gigs I could live on. Fast-forward to 2020, I did up to 100 projects on Fiverr as a freelancer. My average selling price is $93 as of today. You might be wondering what changed.

One interesting thing about working online is that you hardly even notice how you grow but you do. It’s why I documented my journey over time through tutorials and courses. I knew that I would want to be able to share how exactly I managed to stand out from the crowd of “potential writers” to being a professional who earns well for his skills. This also includes the formula I have used over and over again to land gigs and sell my services to high-paying clients.

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And that’s how I created my courses and resources that have now helped hundreds of writers:

  1. Discover their core talents.
  2. Niche down and gain clarity.
  3. Monetize their skills.
  4. Build a professional service delivery brand.
  5. Grow exponentially with a robust portfolio.

I didn’t get to have so many mentors for my writing though. This could account for why it took me about 3 – 5 years to find a rhythm and sink my teeth into the meaty parts of this profession.

I have decided to make sure that at least 100 writers in my circle don’t struggle that much or that long. Each month, I will make a call like this for mentoring, and a sort of internship.

It’s an opportunity to have a front-row seat and see directly how I produce:-

  • Brand stories.
  • Website copy.
  • Sales and landing page copies.
  • Creative content for businesses.

And lots more.

I spent many hours reading about content development, copywriting, storytelling, and brand marketing. One thing I could never find was real-life examples to work with and replicate. I have come to realize how critical it is to see firsthand how someone else is doing what I hope to do. It gives a kind of confidence that you cannot get from google. It satisfies your questions more than any YouTube tutorial can. This is what I am offering.

Even though I already have up to 5 people that have messaged me about this program WITHOUT ADVERTISING, I will still advertise the 10 slots for February 2021. The pricing and details are provided on the flyer.

To enroll – send an email to [email protected]

It’s a 1-month program and you have to be willing and ready to do the intense work of learning and practicing. For the first time ever, I am giving a guarantee of 100% ROI. What this means is that if you think that you have not learned enough to earn back your fee, then you can demand a refund. The thing with this is that, I am not worried that my time would have been wasted. I am certain that at least 80% of those who enroll will apply themselves. I am ready to forfeit 20% to chance. I believe so much in the potential of the 80% because I have seen how I grew and the opportunities I have had from my skill.

So, if this sounds like a challenge you are willing to take up, then send me your name and email. Be ready to enroll immediately because there won’t be reservations and I cannot guarantee that I will open this up every month of the year. If I get too busy, then that month will be closed for enrollment.

Alright, please share this opportunity if you think it would help someone you know. If you have a cousin or nephew at home waiting out the school lockdown, this could be the perfect skill acquisition program for them. Looking forward to working with you!


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