Sandra Nelson’s “Oluwa Jesu” Song is a Vaccine for all the Hopelessness of 2020

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Sandra Nelson’s song comes at a time when a lot of people are disenchanted from their hopes and faith in God. The troubling 2020 hit hard, and harder at every turn. Many people’s hopes were dashed, others lost loved ones to the cold of death, businesses crashed, and people lost their income to unprecedented situations.

Pastor Sandra, also known as Zingy O, made a decision to birth a song that would evoke gratitude to the almighty and it’s timely. I understand how it must feel listening to a song that’s all about thanking God in several languages. You wonder what’s the point? Shouldn’t we just wallow in the struggles around us?

I think this is exactly the mindset that “Oluwa Jesu” seeks to challenge. When job was torn apart by some of the most severe circumstances and he was between cursing God and blessing him, Job said:

“Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”

Like Job, we are ushered into a place of acceptance, adoration, and worship. This song is not asking you to forget how messed up your day or week has been. It’s not asking you to ignore the economic challenges and the outbreak of a pandemic. The song reminds us that things will get better and no matter how dark the darkness is, light always wins. It will bring joy to homes and nations.

It’s simply a chant recognizing God in the moments and places where he is often unrecognizable.

This song comes as a Medley of languages. The root word, Oluwa, in Yoruba is the oriki of God, Olorun. You can also hear some Hausa, Zulu, Igbo, and Urhobo.

While the song comes as a sort of invocation of divinity, it doesn’t depart from the rules of good music. Holding an upbeat tone, and serenading the listener with a mix of melodies, the song would thrive in both large and small gatherings or for that early morning positivity we all need.

For a debut single, I’d say Sandra has made a great attempt at sharing inspiration, faith, and grace in as few words and as simply as possible. The lyrics are easy to learn while the beat and tune would easily turn into a fun dance party if allowed. So, I’d say you should give it a listen and share with your friends and family. It might just be the perfect reminder of God’s essence that they need.

You can now listen to “Oluwa Jesu” on Youtube.


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