Retire Rich: Build Your Business with 11 Simple Visibility and Automation Hacks

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I want to teach you some simple visibility and automation hacks that will help you save time and money as a business owner.

I have worked with many small businesses and I understand the motivation to own your own empire. It could be as simple as trying to save and invest for your retirement.

For this plan to succeed you need digital presence, sales and automation.

visibility and automation hacks for sales and digital presence.

Here are the tools I recommend that you get familiar with for visibility and automation:

  1. WordPress: Have and manage a simple website showing all your services and products. Wix and Webflow are great alternatives too. Blog regularly to keep search engines actively seeing you.
  2. Shopify: Lots of Americans or US. based owners find this easier to work with for some reason. Probably the easy integration with local payments and logistics. Even if you cannot afford a solution like Shopify or a website, create products using tools like Selar, Paystack
  3. HubSpot: use this for your CRM and to create simple landing pages. Also great for nurturing leads with emails.
  4. Mailerlite: perfect for email marketing automations.
  5. Canva: All your design needs can be met with this tool. From social media designs to reels and videos. A helpful hack is to have a designer create templates for you.
  6. Note App: this can help you store up content ideas. There are many alternatives out there.
  7. Google Drive: All your office suite tools can be easily accessed on your mobile phone. This also eases collaboration with others.
  8. ClickFunnels: Though expensive to maintain the subscription, if you have the investment, these templated workflows guide you to creating sales funnels that work. Similar to GoHighLevel funnels.
  9. Fiverr: Don’t stop at social media marketing. Place your products on freelancer platforms including Fiverr and Upwork. These are marketplaces you should be exploring.
  10. Captions: Use this tool for adding subtitles in your videos and you can combine this with CapCut for even more video editing features.
  11. Unsplash and Pexels: for getting stock free images to avoid copyright violations.

You can add to the visibility and automation list or share it with someone. This is how a lot of business owners are juggling their 9-5 and building for retirement. It’s not easy to do but it can get easier with the right strategy and tools.

Remember that getting your idea to the marketplace is a marathon and not a sprint. Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing exactly how to start or how to build momentum. There are people rooting for you out here and we are also going to support you to meet that goal!

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