Opportunities After Your First Degree Are Not a Sure Deal.

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The University education system doesn’t prepare you for life after school. A lot of young folks develop a distaste for competition.

The harsh truth is that many young graduates think that:

  1. Their score is going to land them a job.
  2. They’ve learned everything.
  3. They’ve learned nothing.
  4. There’ll be a chance for everyone.

You know how in movies, fighters will punch each other in turns. Or how ten people fighting your favourite actor would attack one after the other. That’s how many graduates think that life is after University.

Reality is more like the street fight situation where before you pull off your shirt, someone’s already relieving your mouth of some or all of your teeth.

Competition is a real raw deal that you get after your first degree. No one’s going to hand you anything you’ve not earned. In some sense, this should give you confidence about your wins. However, it can also make life quite scary.

So what do you do:

  • Adapt and grow quickly.
  • Make quick detours to learn new tools.
  • Leverage the skills you used in the classroom and through practicals.
  • Find mentorship and network.
  • Build a solid understanding of a skill that can be traded for money immediately.

I hope this is a message that hits home today. Have a great day and I wish you success!


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