Museum of The Future, The Teamwork, and My Destination Wedding Plans and Website with Wix

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I’ve been planning my wedding or at least doing what looks like planning to me and the Fiance. On my to-do list, I had crossed off the pre-wedding photoshoot, designed a Wix website with a wedding registry, and even done the Magadi/Lobola negotiations. Having done a lot of my websites with WordPress, I struggled a bit to decide how to build the wedding site. I’m glad I settled with Wix because it was quite an automated, user-friendly experience. It’s why I thought to write this post about teamwork and how much greatness can be achieved with the right teams.

I was tempted, when I saw Nas Daily post his video about the Museum of the Future, to choose a destination wedding. Even though I am sure my annual income would not survive such a trip. I looked at the magnificence of it all and what with a world war looming, why not just do what you want?

Watch the NAS Daily Expo of the Museum of the Future

If you’ve been following the news, a lot has been happening with Ukraine and Russia and it’s sort of getting messy. A lot of us are on the edge, wondering what’s going to happen next. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, of Ukraine, has received so much love for his exemplary leadership and again, this is another reason we should be talking about teams.

Have you seen the Nas Daily العربية video about the most beautiful building in the world?

Shaped like an eye, has zero corners and zero columns, and has beautiful Arabic inscriptions of quotes all over it.

I love how Nas makes it easy for me to visit the world right from my phone. This building, also known as the Musuem of the future, is one of the heights of human Endeavour.

Image of Museum of the Future, Dubai.

Inside it, you have a NASA approved replica of a real space station, and a tropical rainforest. It has relics of all the creativity that we humans are exploring today.

Watching this Nas Daily video makes me think of the day I’d have the resources to work with people to create such magnificence. It took 6 years to build and one can only imagine all the teams it took to create this work of art, technology and splendor.

You cannot play with the power of Teams and Money. These two forces combined create magic.


My Wedding Website With Wix is one of Such Magnificent Outcomes of Teamwork

Wix is one out of the many solutions offering digital brands an opportunity to launch websites with almost no knowledge of coding. In the same league with WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace and a number of similar page builders, Wix has earned the right to call itself a value driver across global markets. 

If you are really passionate about a business and wouldn’t like to learn HTML, CSS, and all the other complex coding that create web interfaces, wix might be a solution for you. In fact, I created this website for my upcoming wedding in May, 2022. The ease with which I did this in less than a day is thanks to the great teamwork behind Wix.

Even for someone with almost zero knowledge of design, I’d say you could build yourself a website with Wix in less than a day. With a little bit of guidance, you should have it connected to your custom domain and no one would would be any wiser.

Wix cofounder, Avishai Abrahami recently made a LinkedIn post about the Wix team in Lithuania driving to the Poland border to help their teammates fleeing Ukraine. His post was intended to show solidarity to the teamwork that builds such great solutions for people all over the world. It didn’t go down well with everyone especially those who expect all able-bodied men to stay and fight. It might seem like the right thing to expect everyone to stay and carry arms, even some people think that Africans in Ukraine should stay and fight.

It’s sad that life becomes quite linear when people have to make choices in times of crisis. We all seem to have positions without considering that everyone has a role that cannot be the same as all of those fighting. There are so many ways to help Ukraine in Crisis and we can see how Airbnb has taken up the challenge. A lot of other people, organizations, and families have found ways to support Ukraine against the Russian invasion. Yet, their contributions will continue to generate questions and controversy. Is it enough? Is that the best you can do? How much more can you give?

A lot of People Don’t Truly Trust Teams

Recently it was payday for my team at Dijitol. It’s been over a year since I started to build a content and brand development team.

It’s not been uncommon to have clients who don’t like to hear that I will be working with a team. Can they trust someone else to help them?

It’s understandable that when you have a pressing need, you want to work directly with a familiar face. However, solo businesses cannot grow to scale and so teams are critical to doing more good.

One of my major guiding principles for my work has been that I am not truly great until I can confidently assign work to those I have taught. At least it assures me of some time to rest, learn more, and grow.

When we just started, I had a lot of sleepless nights going over principles and methods with Adeola. I would get worked up over missing elements in a copy job. Clients hardly ever noticed issues.

Whenever there is an issue, I’d take responsibility and fix it then go back and organize another training session for my team. That’s still how I do it till today. Then Michael came on, and then Bliss, and then Abraham and more recently Jeff.

It’s been over a year and these days, I sleep better knowing that I can handle some of my work load and also trust my team to deliver on others without compromising quality.

That’s also the reason I avoid delayed payment like a plague. Usually, the last few days of the month or the early days are spent making sure everyone is paid for their effort. It doesn’t matter how much work I had to put into the process, I simply fulfill my agreement to the team because I want them to trust me as much as I trust them.

Trust is everything. It’s how people create great businesses and how problems get solved so efficiently that you can always come back for more.

I’ve got a lot more of this type of content coming. If you’ve been looking for resources to grow your online business, brand or product browse my bookstore for helpful resources. Contact me to write copy for your product launches.


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