The Blueprint: Create Hot Selling Fiverr & Upwork Gigs

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Maybe you’ve been wondering how to choose a skill that you will sell on Fiverr and Upwork. Whether you are multi-talented or just trying to learn a new skill, you should read this to the end. There’s also a free download for you when you read through this blueprint.

Since the last time I shared about how people are using Upwork and Fiverr to break into bigger markets, I have had to respond to several messages asking for training. I get them via FB messenger, emails, WhatsApp chats and even my website messages are filled. One thing I didn’t mention is that Fiverr has been my personal best platform as a freelancer. And I will write about it soon! If you would like to learn more about how to build a skill from scratch and start selling on Fiverr, here is it!

This is for those who have asked about GETTING STARTED on Upwork/Fiverr. Please read this carefully.

I will quickly say this before I go on, your acceptance on Upwork is highly dependent on your ability to prove that you are different from the already many skills on the platform. If you think this is tough, you can work on Fiverr for now. I have resources for both platforms which I will share with you.

Before that, let’s do this.

4 Critical Steps to Take Before Setting up a Profile:

  1. Describe your skill in a unique and niched way. For example, Medical Website Article Writer is better than just Article Writer.
  2. Make your profile description also specific and interesting. Search like you are a buyer and look for users in your area of interest to see how they describe themselves. Then create your own unique description making sure to mention your specific experiences and a few industries you work with or services you provide.
  3. Don’t fill it up with many items cause it can look like you don’t know what you are doing
  4. Improve your profile by adding your training certifications in your experience section because some of the training platforms they allow you to select are limited so put your training programs in the experiences section instead.

These are 2 great tools for identifying your interests and building on any freelancer platform. I have gone to great lengths to make your preparations even easier. You can get a free copy of my Market Readiness Assessment for Freelancers.

2 Powerful Tools on Every Freelancer Platform

  1. The search or marketplace: Fiverr has a marketplace design that allows you browse categories of skills that are so numerous and diverse. I recommend that you visit the various sections and see what people are offering to do. If you are confused about which of your old skills you can sell or would like to learn a new skill, please do this like a ritual everyday. You will understand where you are lagging, know how to describe your skills better, and understand the mind of buyers as they look for solutions.
  2. The support forum: Every marketplace has a support forum. This is where newbies and veteran freelancers share their complaints, experiences, mistakes and opportunities to grow on the platform. This place is a goldmine and it makes sense to visit it often if you want to figure out why people are selling out or not selling at all.



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