Moments: I’m 27 today and Still telling Stories. I wrote a letter to my younger self.

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One of my friends (Tomilola Deji-Olatunde) asked me to write a letter to my younger self. Today marks another new year for me. I might as well post the letter today.

Here goes:

Hey buddy,

There is so much more to life than trying to prove a point. Stop, just stop a minute and live. You are kind and that’s good, you are smart and it’s good. You don’t owe anyone; to show them or make them believe these things about you. Stop trying to please everyone. Don’t let unkind people influence your attitude.

The world is not filled with yes and no questions. Sometimes listen to other people, adjust and don’t judge yourself so much for being ignorant or making mistakes.

Remember all those people you swore could never be your friends cause of something you think they said or did, something that can’t be redeemed? No one or situation is beyond redemption. You are not beyond redemption either.

You will think you are not good enough. A lot of times you’ll fail and it’s okay. Just don’t tag yourself a failure. Stop listening to people who tell you negative things about yourself. Be more conscious of your good gifts and pursue them. Become me or better.

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