It’s My Birthday and I Have Come with Gifts!!

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It’s 29 Years done!

Thanks to everyone who has been part of this journey. Thanks for sharing your love and for being a part of my life.

I was meant to release my memoir “Wild Card”. On second thoughts, I decided to hold on with that. Instead I have added a new ebook collection “Essential Freelancer’s Starter Pack”. It details how I do freelancing and my one month journey to making a thousand dollars using Fiverr.

As I promised; you can get my books from N1,000 to any price. It’s open pricing Yo! So if there’s anyone on your list that needs a nudge with writing, freelance or someone who generally struggles with making their dreams come true, I think I can help them along with all I have shared in books.

As a part of my birthday, the open pricing means that for the next 7 days, anyone who fits this description can visit my webstore and type in any price they feel for any of my books. N1,000 or anything!! For this, you can go to

Also for those who asked about my course and if there’s a slash. I took the liberty of slashing 22,500 naira off 21 day the writing course. This will last 7 days. – the link is

I want to say thanks to some amazing persons who stayed up late at midnight to send me happy birthday messages. Someone even “hired” a mini choir to sing for me 😍😍. Thanks to those who also woke me with a bank alert 😁😁. I am super grateful and will try to respond to your messages.

I got my self some pounded yam and need to go get ready for devouring it. Happy birthday to me 😍🥰🥰


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