Case Studies: AI Prompt Engineering and Trailer Parking Space Sales Copy

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I completed two interesting projects recently. And they have two lessons:

  1. The first is about what it takes to compete in an AI world.
  2. How skill evolution can make a creative writer more valuable.

Before I talk about the Figma project, let me tell you about the AI project.

The AI Prompt Engineering Sales Copy

A random AI art from google search

A client wanted to list their training on Gumtree for sale. This training is about prompt engineering (PE). Because of the growing interest in AI, a new career niche is evolving. Folks are learning how to communicate accurately with AI to produce stunning art results. This client wanted a sales page copy for a training on Stable Diffusion and Midjourney. These two AIs help people generate god-level artworks. The goal of the training is to help you learn how to prompt the AI using details about people, places, times in history, art styles etc.

With ChatGPT, I have also recently realized that you can make the AI serve you as an assistant on projects. Instead of seeing the AI as a cheat code, I see it as an enabler. If I am running short on ideas, I brainstorm with it. If I need editing, I ask it to help tweak parts of my written work. I recently discovered I can even prompt it to do some interesting “find and replace” tasks on documents where I want to transform slightly.

Okay, let’s talk about the second project.

The Figma Wireframe Project for a Copywriting Client

Figma logo

Why did I have to learn Figma? Before this client messaged me, I had always been too lazy about Figma but I guessed that it won’t be such a tough tool for me.

The client wanted me to write a landing page copy for two apps. Essentially they are running Airbnb for parking spaces. Especially for Americans who live in their vehicles and sometimes have to cross state lines overnight, this client had built an app for truckers and another for property owners who want to use their vacant spaces for parking.

I offered them an extra to add a wireframe of the landing pages I was writing. Before that day, I had not done a single wireframe. When I design websites, I go straight to the designing. I’ve found that most business needs can be met this way.

I had promised and so I needed to deliver. I first created the wireframe using a simple tool on my mobile. The outcome was not all that beautiful or detailed and the client was unhappy. Side note, I have been learning a whole lot about taking negative feedback well and it has tremendously added value to my output.

My first Figma wireframe for a Squatspot, an American parking solution for trucks and vehicles owners.

I understood that wireframes could be different types but because the client had shown me their app on Figma, I realized they would appreciate a similar approach to what I was delivering. I quickly opened an old account I had there and started sketching with a few helpers I saw in there. I finally rewrote their landing page copy and redesigned the wireframe. The money was good but what made me happy the most was that the client gave a 5-Star review and said, “Took feedback very well…”

5-Star review from Fiverr client

I believe there’s a ton of lessons to learn about creative projects and how to work well with others. However, I need to emphasize how important it is that people see AI just like any other tool, like Figma. Tools don’t take over people’s jobs, they create a new way of approaching problems and eliminate some older problems.

So, if you stubbornly continue to address a problem that is outdated with outdated mindset and tools, you will definitely lose a ton of money and become useless to people solving new problems.

What other lessons can you find in these stories?

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