How Making $3k in One Month on Fiverr Changed Me.

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Today, I thought I should just write about how making $3k in one month on Fiverr changed me. As a freelance writer, I always thought there was a cap on these things; how much you can make from a simple app. Fiverr is changing that for me.

I met a young dude on this space who teaches science subjects on IG and gets paid. We became quite close and I could see how he quickly learned how to be visible and find his buyers on that platform.

He became so successful that he and his friends decided to build a website that serves more students. Truth is, there’s almost no app you cannot sell on. I’d probably try marketing on a dating app someday.

My friend is an ordinary person with extraordinary skill. He could have continued waiting to find the perfect selling platform like Fiverr. Instead, he used IG to do the job. People like him inspire me a lot.

I believe that success is a function of a lot of things. Some of those things are your skills, your ideas about your skills, and how ruthlessly you pursue those ideas.

I have made a handsome killing as a writer and a freelancer for a while but I never assumed I had hit the peak of it.

  • Started by first losing my inhibitions.
  • Learned to sell without fear
  • Understood my propositions
  • Identified my customers
  • Jumped on the right marketplaces like Facebook and Fiverr
  • I learned how to make these platforms find customers that pay.
  • Fiverr suddenly became a really big deal for me after I hit $1000 in a month. As I write this email, I have sold $3000+ in the month of July alone!!

As I keep applying the simple tweaks I share in my freelancer starter pack, my gig traffic keeps shooting up. What I do regularly is to track what I did right on a gig and try it out on another. No shame in copying a method that works.

When you tie a process or template into something that works and you test it regularly on various platforms, and it still works, then you must never ignore that.

Someone would say social media is different from Fiverr but I beg to differ. I have met people, customers, from all walks of life on Facebook and Fiverr and my life has not been the same. Traffic, conversations, sales! It’s the same process.

I want to help you figure out how to make customers fall over themselves to pay for your skills. No fluff, No jokes.

A webinar this 31st where I break everything down for you and show you what works on my own dashboard.

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