Falling – Episode 3 (Grey Wine)

Falling – Episode 2 (Grey Wine). I miss the last episode because I was so busy with writing jobs and masters. I am still held up by so much work to do but I want to share this story with you guys so Join me every Saturday! Thank you.

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It was 1 a.m. and Ipade drew nearer to the party noise, he hurried toward the welcoming sound, The DJ had the tracks flipping and switching haphazardly. He sounded like a rooky that knew one or two things about sound.

#its Don Jazzy Again!

Let’s come party

O ya Go down low!

The tweeter sound was painfully loud courtesy of cheap sound engineering. The guy on the mini-stage shouted into his microphone, “DJ feezy in the house!” Ipade winced at the noise then slowly drew closer to the bar. He immediately found some free seats. He had convinced himself that the party noise was far better for him than sitting in some church filled with people praying to a God that won’t answer them. The dance floor was packed with ladies, boys, and girls all shaking to the music. Their bodies oozed of sex, there was so much flesh and sweat everywhere. He sat a little way away from the crowd; the flickering lights of disco kept him distracted at first. He watched in silence, how all he wanted to be seemed so wrong but yet looked so beautiful. He could feel blood rushing through his body and into his bulging penis, he squeezed his bulge with one hand. The excitement he felt continued to build.

Suddenly someone was taking the seat beside him. Kemi had seen him picking his way through the club and she just could not let “fresh game” pass. She didn’t even want his money, she just wanted him for herself. She was drawn by the innocent lust in his eyes, definitely a virgin boy, she thought. She walked over to him scarcely noticing the rowdy mob on the dance floor. His stammering betrayed him even more, Kemi was amused. “I…I am aaam III…ppaaa..de,” “hmm, sweet” she replied, she pulled his chair closer to her side. They talked all through the night, she was drinking while he tried hard to make her keep laughing at his jokes. Kemi didn’t want him to stop either, she was determined to make something of the innocent boy.


Mrs. Toriola was frantic, the vigil ended but Ipade was missing. As a teenager, he had to always flaunt rules with a strategy plan that included not getting caught. Yet there were those days, like this one when Ipade had snuck out from the wrong vigil. “Baba Tolu, Ibo ni omo yin gba lo? where is your son?”. The church members had started to pick interest in the unfolding drama. Elder Toriola glared at his wife, “what sort of question is that?”

“You came in with the boy now you ask me not to ask questions?” Mrs. Toriola stressed her response as if daring her husband to argue further. Vince was about to take a nap close to the arguing couple, he had no choice than to join the search. he had to be somewhere among the different cluster of youths huddled up and sprawled on mats in the hall.

“Mama Tolu, I have told you, even pleaded that you watch your attitude towards me in public,” he lowers his voice to whisper “You know that boy has been acting strange recently but we sure did raise him together and he is our responsibility. You don’t even act like a mother!” “I found him Elder,” Vince calls to them as he comes over with Ipade just behind him.

“Where did you find him? Thanks for the help brother”,

“ah no problem Elder, I am sure I checked that group first but I saw Ipade just waking on my way back to you” he remarked pointing at a small cluster of youths sleeping close-by.

“ok it’s alright, let’s go home” Elder declared, as the family exited the main church auditorium. That was one close brush IPade thought as he heaved a sigh of relief.


Cold night and restless Ipade tossed the hundredth time, he had already stopped counting. It had been a week since he met Kemi but he had divorced his vows; his faith, a million times over. Everyone said it was defilement for him to self-pacify when his senses were on a riot. He could feel the hostility from home and there was no better way to get away than fantasizing about how much Kemi wanted him. She had won him over with her sensuous lips and he was stuck. The guilt made him sick, but he just couldn’t stop wanting those moments with Kemi. He prayed, tried to pray about it, he so much wanted the desires to stop. How do you explain the kind of burning he had for someone he barely knew? She had shown him endless possibilities and it was a futile debate in his young mind. Ipade was hooked and felt so ashamed that he actually liked it. “Ipade, are you wake?” Elder’s knuckles rapped on the door of his room before pushing it open. He had always seemed to be around but not really available as a father, such a perfect man, Ipade mocked the way church members gawked over his father.in Ipade’s mind he could only see a mirage, his father was never really accessible, they couldn’t even talk about little things like him starting to have pubic hair. Just on the verge of father and son having an understanding, that divergence like a cleft in the rock always drifted the two apart. “I have been praying and thinking about your exams, I hope you are reading?”

 “yes, thank you, can we finish this in the morning?” Ipade mumbled sleepily, “I really need to sleep.” All he wanted was to be alone with his fantasy. The taste of her lips still lingered on his mind and at the moment all he wanted was the right plan to get back into her room and do all the naughty things his mind had conjured. Elder Toriola sat for a few minutes on the edge of the bed not knowing what to say, Ipade’s back was still turned. He heard the door click shut, he slid his hands back in his pajamas pants.

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