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A good name is better than Gold

Proverbs 22 vs 1 and 2 

When you take this quote literally you’d realize how important names can be to your business and brand image. Imagine you had to call your name something else because someone had registered that name for something else.

There’s a tough hustle for names these days. You better not lose out on that.

Names are significant for brands. They are also cash cows for speculators.

Think of 3 top names for that idea you have, chances are that the name has been bought already.

Okay, you doubt me? Go over to Google and search for the names you listed.


Now you know hoe important it is to secure your business names, incorporation names and website domain names.

Asides from the SEO value of dot coms, dot orgs and other popular domain extensions. Coming late to the selection table could effectively kill your chances of reflecting the true purpose of your brand.

Go and buy that domain name for your brand.

A friend I met at the just concluded RICS conference owns a corporate wear brand for ladies and works as a property broker full time.

I looked through her website and page to see how to improve brand reach and the quality of her content. For about 2 hours we discussed what work she needed to do to reposition her brand.

We spoke about the brand name and agreed to change it to something she could easily create content around and sell to her friends.

People need to:

1. Love your Brand Name.

2. Want to remember the name.

3. Be able to remember it.

4. Find an easy connection to what you represent.

5. Connect with your stories emotionally.

Today she told me she had figured the new name.

The idea was perfect. It had no flaws I could see. Even when we Googled the brand name she cut out from her South African name, it turned out to be a word that means exactly what her brand stands for. Brilliant!

Now for her to setup her e-commerce store and register a domain. Someone had bought the name.

It was a let down.

We might look into other popular extensions and see how that serves the purpose of her brand.

No One Deserves to Get Stuck

I don’t recommend being stuck up on an idea and not moving on. However, there are some ideas that if you procrastinate on them, it would cause you a heartbreak.

It’s important not to wait too long trying to figure all the processes and ideas you need.

Names are the most sought after elements of content creation. It’s going to be in your site names, ebooks, manuals, call to actions.

In fact, your name is that brand item that follows you everywhere. It reflects the tone and feel that would become a part of every other content you create.

Before you start marketing your content to people, you want them to call you by what your story represents.

Here is How to Get your Domain Name in Less than 10 Mins.

My preferred provider is Namecheap. The reason is that they have a great hosting offer that is easy to understand and flexible for newbies. One of the simplest offers allows you to host 3 different domains in one purchase.

This means you can launch out on 3 different brand ideas. You can share your hosting with two other friends. Even if you prefer, you could get a website for 3 members of your family and all would be within a single shared hosting package that costs little.

Namecheap also provides easy integration with the WordPress CMS. There may be a bit of a learning curve for the cpanel where your site files and features can be adjusted. Yet, it becomes easier very quickly.

My second preferred option is Godaddy. It offers similar features as Namecheap but could be a bit costlier.

However, godaddy allows me to get regional domains like a domain which is not available on Namecheap.

To buy domains from these providers, simply:

1. Register on their site like you would on any website.

2. Do a name search to confirm availability.

3. Select domain extension.

4. Pick the name and make payment.

Now you own a domain name and you are ready to start creating content with your brand name.

You want people to remember your brand for quality, style and difference. Begin with choosing a relevant domain that would tie into your industry smoothly.

Find the provider that suits you and buy.

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