I Know why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou: A Book In Review.

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First, you must know I am yet to finish this wonderful book by Maya Angelou. I find it hard to hero-worship anyone, not to talk of popular authors. I am more likely to read a random passage on The New Yorker than to put up a temple at Stephen King’s gate. In summary, it might take me a year to finish the book, I might finish it today.

I have only read a few pages; the Introduction which gave a short biography of the author, and the first chapter. I find the storytelling quite black and white. First I think Maya was a strong black hero who felt the deaths of two great leaders in the battle for black freedom quite personally. She had first become close to Malcom X, while in Kenya before he was killed. Then she met MLK Jnr. who was also in short time assassinated.

Martin Luther King and Malcom X

You can imagine the pain she must have witnessed. It’s with this understanding that you must read the book. The analogy of a bird in a cage that tries to escape until it breaks it’s wings, is quite fitting.

My love for Africa is growing as the days roll by. I am starting to realise that there is just too much pain and suffering in black history that only stories can help us, ease us into the understanding of our brokenness. Maya Angelou’s book is a recommended read. I plan to read a few more pages before I sleep tonight.

It helps for a writer to understand what he is passionate about. The way I channel my art in the right direction is through the books I read. What are you reading?

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