Why Should Anyone Blog At all? Here are 5 Top Reasons to Blog

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Happy new week guys. I did a blog post last week which had a lot of feedback but I could only engage a few. We explored the reason why being broke could actually make you a better blogger. I couldn’t answer a lot of questions actively because sometimes my work schedules hold me captive.

I literally have to lock myself up to churn out some quality work.

Some days it gets really tough for me to continue blogging. I run this blog and my literary blog, this puts me under a lot of pressure to find valuable content and share them with the audience on each blog.

This makes me sometimes ask myself why I’m blogging at all. I have days when I have to deliver my research work to my supervisor, I also have to attend to my writing gigs.

I have built a writing career that is not automated. Clients don’t just materialize. Most of the time, I have to actively pursue my leads until I get a new job to deliver. Why then do I devote time to providing a platform for other writers to share their stories? Why do I post regularly on this blog?

I have discussed some of these in my book “Write Heart,” hopefully I’m going to start up the Write Heart training program again.

However, Here are 5 of my Top Reasons:

  1. Community: Jeff Goins popularly calls this your tribe. Blogs are important for people who have or want to have a tribe that connects them with other people with a common interest.
  2. Portfolio: Content creation requires me to showcase my capacity. Every time I pitch to clients on Fiverr or Errandworld, I use my blog as part of my pitch to the prospect. It’s a simple way to compile my best articles and showcase my expertise. This serves for all major freelancer platforms including Airtasker.
  3. SEO and Visibility: Recently a friend told me about their event but when I searched for this event on Facebook and Google, there was not a single hit. This means that as far as search engines are concerned, no one is talking about my friend’s event. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works with the content you create and this affects your internet footprint.
  4. Lead Generation: As a business owner or individual who offers services, blogging gives you an opportunity to build a relationship before selling. Visitors or readers on your blog are likely to contact you when they have a need that fits into your niche.
  5. Archive: You might eventually decide to write a book. There is no easier way to write a book than creating it in bits and pieces. If you have written a lot of blogposts on a particular subject matter then you can compile these content as a book.

There are several reasons why people blog. It’s becoming a major strategy for growing influence, building a brand image and networking. There is no better time to own a blog than now. You can own a free WordPress or Blogspot address and start building your audience today. Please share my blog post if you find it useful, thank you.


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