I’ll Be 29 In a Bit and I am sure I want this Birthday Gift

Every year when it’s close to my birthday, I had always felt this hollow feeling. I sometimes associated it to many of the birthdays I spent in the Principal’s office or at a “senior’s” bunk, serving a punishment. I got so used to messing something up close to my birthday that I totally stopped being excited about it. It was like my birthday was jinxed.

Even the day I tried so hard to stay out of everybody’s way, someone’s mum came to the boarding house and asked me an errand that cost me yet another birthday. The vice-principal was busy showing off his marching skills to the kids who would march on Children’s Day. I went to tell one of the special kids that their mom was around to visit. Somehow, it skipped my mind to say hi to the big man doing the marching drill. He felt undermined. I ended up in a Mine.

You will understand how much I began to be apprehensive about my birthdays. I stopped celebrating them altogether. I never cared about receiving gifts and was never really sure if I was that valuable to anyone for them to give me a gift.

I got so used to messing something up close to my birthday that I totally stopped being excited about it.

All of this changed soon enough. It was one of those family holidays when we decided to evaluate the things we felt we were not doing to well at. My dad, mum and siblings concluded we were horrible at birthdays. Apparently, I was not alone in my struggles with celebrating changing times.

My family started a tradition where we buy birthday gifts as a way to remind each member that we are special. We had to sit in a meeting to make this happen. You must understand that for us, doing these mundane things like buying gifts and saying “I love you” was huge work.

Despite how badly I felt about birthdays, this changed everything for me. Now I know that the best birthday gift anyone can give is their love. It’s not about the item in itself but the reminder that you think that this person is special.

A lot of times, I have hoped for gifts and never got any. Other times when I was not expecting, I got a gift. What I have not lacked is the love and admiration of those who matter to me the most.

My family started a tradition where we buy birthday gifts as a way to remind each member that we are special.

So, I decided to take matters into my hands this 29th birthday. I have created an opportunity for me to give and receive at the same time. Over the past few years, I have amassed quite the experience and knowledge which have turned into books.

I have written about how to stop being broke. I have written about discovering storytelling for those who have the flair. I have written about the art and heart of writing. In recent times I have written quite a lot about the art and business of writing. Even did some work on freelance writing and the various opportunities available.

Thought you might want to share with this graphic.

These were carefully curated works that helped me capture practical and practicable ideas as I tried them out. I was the lab rat and the test material. In all I have written, my motive has been to inspire, to share, and to connect with others. I also wanted to show that it was possible to live a good life, make money from what you love to do, and not resort to crime.

I was meant to release my memoir this birthday but I realized that I was not ready and would be doing my readers a disservice if I released it. Instead, I have decided to give you a gift.

I have written about how to stop being broke.

In my bookstore, you can get my “Essential Freelancer’s Starter Pack” which includes other collection of ebooks and resources for writing and the business of it. I also share my baby steps into monetizing my capacity as you will find in “Not too Broke to Be”. This self-development book includes about 7 other extra resources that guide you on self actualization.

Now, I would like to invite you to visit my store and put in whatever price you want to buy these books. Well, with the condition that you cannot go below N1,000. I don’t think any of my books can be adequately priced. I didn’t need to write them but I wanted you to have them. As much as I want this, I also hope you will do me the honour of not pricing knowledge like pepper on the roadside. The default price on each book is its actual price, you can reduce it or increase it as you wish. However, there will be no freebies or freeloading lol…just see it as my way of saying, I think you would value this more than the price at which you are getting it.

I truly hope that even if it’s a line of one of my books that changes your life for better, that you would be glad you were part of my birthday.

I am sure I want this birthday gift. There’s no hesitation in my mind about the gift I have and that I keep sharing with the world. I would appreciate if you used the opportunity of my birthday to share memories of encounters you have had with me. I want to have fond memories that would make this a truly memorable day for me.

You are also permitted to use the content of this post or any other I make for my birthday including the flyers. Thanks for helping me reach new heights and for walking with me every step of the way.

Thanks for reading. Head over to the BIRTHDAY splash sales. Behind my blog and stories is a writing brand and I offer my services to leaders, brands, coaches, aspiring authors and also consult. Check out my services and get in touch.

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