Business Needs that Professional Copywriting Can Solve for You While Growing Your Business Leads

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For a lot of business owners, copywriting is just one of those buzzwords out there that they don’t understand. Maybe you’ve seen adverts about using the services of a copywriter to grow your business but you don’t know how that works. In this blog, I have decided to share 10 examples of business needs that copywriting can help you address.

I recently saw an explanation of two objectives you could pursue with copywriting and I think it would help to share that with you.

Awareness copywriting is that kind of copy that’s meant to create brand awareness using popular media. Sometimes you’d find these kind of copy in commercials, advertorial designs, billboards and more. If you have a need to attract the interest of audiences using witty, fun, and catchy stories, you need advertorial copy. At the early stage of your business while looking to grow your audience, this could be a great way to drive page likes, website visits, social media engagement, and more.

These ads will crack you up! I can write you a script like this.

The second kind of copy, is direct response copy. This kind of copy is often more familiar for a lot of brands. This is the copywriting that typically drives sales and conversions. As Neil Patel describes it, copywriting seeks to drive specific actions from users. Examples of such actions include, wanting the reader to sign up for your newsletter, click to find out more about a product, or move them along a sales funnel.

I would do a lengthy essay on how copywriting differs from content writing but Neil Patel already did a great job in his article on definition and tips about copywriting.

This article you are reading is an example of content writing and it’s one of the ways to grow your brand relevance. However, an example of copywriting is what you’ll see on the sales page for my Work From Fiverr course.

When do you need a copywriter?

  1. When you are selling through Amazon and listing your products. Books, Health and lifestyle products, Electronics etc.
  2. Listing your services on freelancer sites like Upwork and Fiverr.
  3. Building a website and you have a developer who’s not SEO trained or who’s poor at building a narrative for your web pages.
  4. Launching new products or services on your site and you need a landing page or sales page.
  5. When you are subscribed to e-commerce tools like ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Teachable, etc.
  6. If you have decided to start an e-commerce store using Shopify.
  7. If you are selling across Africa and you have only started using stores like Paystack and Selar. You need your product copy written to drive sales.
  8. When you have content needs for a social media campaign, advertising content, video scripts, and more. To build an email list, gather leads, or create awareness.
  9. When you’ve an email list that needs nurturing and you need to write emails and newsletters.
  10. If you have a drop-shipping business and need to develop your affiliate platform that visitors will buy from.

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I’ve got a lot more of this type of content coming. If you’ve been looking for resources to grow your online business, brand or product browse my bookstore for helpful resources. Contact me to write copy for your product launches.


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