Believing is Seeing; My Moving House Story

You won’t believe what just happened to me in this photo. Remember my last post title “Open Your Eyes“?

I wanted to change my apartment because the cost of living on South Street Hatfield was killing my Mojo. Plus a lot has already gone wrong this year that only a change of space can fix.

I missed every offer, as if divinely orchestrated. Until a few days ago, I walked by this nice cozy area close to my ideal location. You can always get what you desire so don’t ever settle!!

Next, I saw the agent’s number on the gate and called. I then insisted they had to show me the house even though they said they could not show me until a week. I pleaded for the gateman to show me.

Nice Apartment! I loved It

Long story short. I loved the place and was ready to take it the same day. So I messaged the agent on Whatsapp for Business and got an appointment to visit the next day at their office.

I was running late the next day so I sent a message to apologize.

On arrival the receptionist told me to go sit in a conference room that Edmund was going to attend to me instead of Julia who I had been speaking to.

I waited there in the conference room with my friend who came along. I took this selfie while waiting and we shared jokes about how I was borrowing the office to take photos 😁😁.

The Surprise

Edmund walked in and I remembered to grip his hand firmly in my best handshake. He started to ask me questions about myself and I felt, well “maybe they just want to know their tenant.”

I was so relaxed and enjoyed every bit of the conversation with Edmund.

Sitting and taking photos at Edmund Pohl's Office. Pretoria South Africa.
This was the Photo I took at the Office

I had no idea I had just been interviewed by the owner of the development company. He then told me they would love me to come around and work anytime I could for few hours. I told him I was on a study visa and cannot work full-time.

This was when he told me he knew me, that he had been on my website. Apparently Julia had nicked my website link from my Whatsapp Business account and she loved it then passed it to the boss who ended up interviewing me.

I walked in as a tenant, now my story and business brand had gone to do other things on my behalf. Visibility sounds like a myth to a lot of people but for me, it’s the life I live.

My Life is a Testimony

I don’t know how to teach people money making tricks or how to fake it till you make it. But in #YABO and my writing course, I teach readiness, visibility and credibility. If people cannot find you as a young person, then there is something wrong.

If they find you and it’s all a mess on your profile, then you are cheating yourself of opportunities. I don’t know if I will have the time to work with this company but at least I know the offer is open and I also got my desired apartment.

And you see this shirt I was wearing? It was not my plan to dress like that. All I wanted to wear initially was a tee-shirt and sweatpants and slippers. But thanks to my being a stickler to principles, I just never do meetings of any kind without wearing something presentable, who could have known I was going for an interview that morning?

Alright, I hope your week is as eventful as mine. Ask me about trainings ongoing, I do my best to share my experiences so you’ll grow and thrive! Impossibility is not in my vocabulary anymore.

If you’d prefer to just go get my books, here are a few titles I absolutely recommend!

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