My Services

Writing Services I Provide:

  1. Ghostwriting: Includes autobiographies, ebooks, novels, motivational books, self-help guides, etc.
  2. Blog Writing: For Business, Creative business brand websites. Your Research, Fiction, Self-Development, Coaching, and Guidance ebooks can also be ghostwritten.
  3. Articles and Essays: Motivational letters for Applications, Scholarships, Proposals, Business Plans.
  4. Social Posts: Facebook pages, IG and Tweeter content inclusive of Stock Free Images and designs.
  5. Brand Stories: For “About Us” webpages, presentations, social page descriptions, adverts.
  6. Editing: Book and Blog editing, including SEO and Keyword research for webpages.
  7. Website Development: WordPress site setup, Landing page development, and mailing list growth.
  8. Digital Books: Newsletters, Amazon Kindle Books, Ebooks, and Lead magnets.

Writing Requests I don’t Provide:

You might find other content developers who provide these services. My policy is to let you know before any transaction that I won’t provide these services:

  1. Unpaid writing: Time is valuable. I don’t do unpaid writing.
  2. Academic Fraud: Don’t ask me to write your thesis, I can guide and consult for a fee. I won’t forge letters or provide false stories.
  3. Post-paid work: A minimum of 70% down payment is required to commence any project.
  4. Ponzi Schemes: I do not create content for get-rich-quick schemes or Ponzi.

 Pricing: On-demand Freelance Writing

I charge a flat fee per article, based on the length and complexity of the work.

[supsystic-price-table id=8]
  • “Standard” work includes blog articles, guides, explainers, product descriptions, etc.
  • “Complex” work includes reviews, reports, static web copy, and similar pieces.
  • “Very complex” work includes white papers, thought-leadership pieces, and other work that requires very extensive research and analysis.
  • These are fixed prices that are fully inclusive of research, communications, and writing.
  • All pieces will be towards the upper end of the word count shown.
  • If I go over the word count when writing a piece, I will not charge more.
  • If I create content where I can rewrite or reuse pieces from other articles I have written for you, I will discount these prices by between 10% and 30%.
  • Meetings and interviews are not included in this pricing and are charged at #2000 per 15 minutes.

Pricing: Retainer Freelance writing rates

I encourage my clients to enter into a retainer agreement with me. Being a retainer client guarantees work and lets you take advantage of preferential rates.

[supsystic-price-table id=10]
  • Retainer work is lower priced and is prioritized over other work. It is the best way to ensure you receive regular content for business platforms.
  • You guarantee that you will order a certain number of articles of a certain length from me per month.
  • This can be as few as one article, and up to as many as you wish (within reason).
  • Retainer content is charged at the discounted retainer rate, shown above. Any pieces in excess of this will be charged at the on-demand rate and completed on a “best endeavors” basis.
  • You agree to pay me for the retained number of pieces per month. If you do not use up all of your retained pieces, I will credit an amount of 50% of the unused fee back to your invoice in the following month.
  • “Very complex” work is not available under a retainer agreement.

Please note that any initial meeting or consultation is completely free of charge.

All hourly fees are charged in 15 minute intervals.

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