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Wedding Shocks: Writing My Vows with a Swollen Eye.

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Editor's Muse, Love & Sex, Personality | 0 comments

I’ve heard that weddings come with a lot of shocks and unexpected curveballs. Well, I got a swollen eye on my list of shocks. Writing vows could suck life out of you just while everything else is going sideways. The past weeks have been hectic as we all are preparing for the wedding. I’m working to complete a doctoral thesis while getting married.

There are days I don’t feel like writing anything serious so I spend time just creating content for my social media marketing or playing call of duty mobile!

How I look at 12 midnight when I can’t sleep so I resort to games.

I recently came up with a really great freelancer income growth challenge idea—launching soon. At the back of my mind, I know I’ve got to write wedding vows that would carry the weight of all that my woman means to me. Yet, the hustle must continue. I’m getting new ideas for my business everyday and I just can’t stop thinking about when I am done with my PhD.

It’s Rough Times

Now, I have to think honestly everyday as I go through all the drama that comes with wedding preparations. I know vows should reflect my hearts condition and not the situation around me but the chaos is right next to my waking thoughts. I’m also committed to writing projects across platforms. In the past weeks, I’ve done brand stories, website copy for a Credit Repair company, and several other writing projects that have nothing to do with vows.

I know vows should reflect my hearts condition and not the situation around me but the chaos is right next to my waking thoughts.

Meanwhile, there’s the wedding dress which only worked out after a miracle, the family drama, the logistics that are refusing to fit into any logical sequence. There are those days we get on each other’s last nerves and we are looking at the wedding date with a mind to cancel.

How About Some Self-Care?

My wife, Tumi, proposed that we go for facials a few days to the wedding and I definitely agree. Who doesn’t want some pampering before their big day? The whole experience was beautiful and relaxing but I came away with a pain in my right eye. I didn’t give it much thought until today. I guess, we’ll have to go back for a refund!

My plan was to wake up and fix in this missing button on my Sepedi attire. However, on waking up, I have this swollen right eye to contend with. I quickly send Tumi a picture and we are both micro-panicking. I have googled remedies and everything points to warm compresses. I have done that now and all I can do now is pray and hope that this doesn’t come out in the pictures. Wow!

The Vows Matter

It’s great that I have started out on the vows, I just need to give it another look over and it will be perfect. The fact that we are writing our vows and not just going for a templated ceremony exemplifies how our relationship has evolved. It’s been totally organic and we’ve had to contend with issues on the go. There have been many twists and turns but tomorrow, “we go to wed!”

As a nonconformist freelance writer, I find this life vibrant and suited to my nature. Bringing people’s ideas to life requires the kind of flexibility and adaptability that only a few can muster. You are often never fully prepared no matter how much you may have prepared. A lot of times, you might even do all your research and homework, yet you’ll have to step out with your nerves all fired up. Working with people to build their brand is a kind of work that prepares you for a life of uncertainties.

And if you think writing business sales copy is scary, you should wait till you are writing vows. The words are promises that you must keep. I have come to find that writing a business marketing email is not so much different from writing vows. They are all about demonstrating how well fitted you are for the person whose going to hear those words.

Tomorrow, We Ride at Dawn.

It’s my wedding tomorrow and I am super stoked. I shared our story from when we went to Nigeria for our court wedding and I believe that even with a swollen eye, I’ll still take these vows to my woman and she’ll have me.

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