Opportunities from Major Disruptive Changes Caused by Social Distance in 2020.

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You know, a friend just posted “slay queens, how market?” The assumption is that a slay queen trades her body for money. The virtual networks and digital market has always been mystified by assumptions like this.

  • Running an Instagram brand as a lady means you are in illicit sex trade.
  • Working from home as a guy implies you are into internet fraud.
  • Carrying a laptop as a creative, hopping buses to your next gig makes you look irresponsible
  • Remote work has been regarded as lazy work.

All these assumptions are some of the biggest struggles that African and especially Nigerian creatives have had to live with all their lives.

However, with social distance, the market now revolves around images, ideas, thoughts, and even infatuation. Products are being redesigned to serve customers more efficiently without contact.

A fashion designer has to go digital and still make some profit. An interior decoration expert can still help customers who want to beautify their own homes. There’ll be a growing demand for do-it-yourself (DIY) services.

Some businesses assume that this season of isolation is going as bad as everyone claims it’s going. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of businesses will shut down but will be replaced. Business owners will quickly realize the need to transform their investments. Employees will either move with the company into the transformation or be laid off for lack of adaptability.

Schools are quickly adapting e-learning solutions as a way to maintain their economic and social value. One of the interesting experiences for the academic and learning ecosystem is the shutdown of requirements like the GRE, GMATs and IELTS for admissions. There has been advocacy for the removal of these requirements in the admission process for African students to European institutions. Social distancing has made this a swift development. The reason for this change could be largely economic.

Institutions and international study contribute a lot to global economies. The need for social distance would imply that students are not applying, getting admitted or travelling to their schools. The struggle of tourism and the travel industry would also affect education.

“Schools are quickly adapting e-learning solutions as a way to maintain their economic and social value.”

This means that there will be massive transformation in academic structures all over the world. There will be opportunities to study from home through credible institutions. All of these developments needed a shock to accelerate their progress.

One thing is certain, being a “slay queen” or in other words, digitally equipped for the times would be a profitable skill set. Anyone could be making a killing off the gram in this period.

Do you know one of the major shortages this Corona has created? We have a shortage of affection, love, romance or just plain old debauchery! People are taking precautions even from sharing hugs and kisses with their families.

Couples sometimes have to avoid themselves at home due to the 14 days incubation. According to a Bloomberg Article by Sheridan Prasso, China experienced a spike in divorces this March as couples came out of Isolation. Anxiety, depression, and abuse are going to drive other markets as well.

Canela Lopez on the Insider, reports that Porn views have sharply increased in some countries since coronavirus quarantines started worldwide

Of course, all the anxiety and lack of affection will need some outlet. It’s hard enough to not be able to go to work! People need to feel safe and accepted during this period.

Businesses and leaders must consider these facts as they seek to transition. There’s a need to help married couples remain productive during the isolation. Spouses must also learn to communicate better. These are time when it is important to grab your spouse’s attention with words and images that would keep their eyes off the screen intermittently.

“…all the anxiety and lack of affection will need some outlet. It’s hard enough to not be able to go to work!”

The spike in domestic abuse mostly affecting women also requires that attention be paid to male employees. Educating staff on measures to prevent abusive interactions would keep businesses productive. Men, shouldn’t assume that they are doing right by the family by being stuck on the screens. Keeping the communication flow at work is just as important as with your family.

There’s a spike in the commercialization of digital platforms. Instagram, Snapchat, even now Facebook and WhatsApp are introducing payment channels. There are almost endless opportunities to build a small business at home with family or friends. This is the time to explore and discover what tools can be bootstrapped into solutions. Instead of waiting for a developer to create your tech product, identify existing solutions that can help you achieve your business needs.

There will be someone to create every opportunity that is ignored. The market didn’t die, people are just spending in less risky markets these days.

The point here is that the things we typically saw as bad habits or useless hobbies are now taking centre stage. A good example; Netflix and movie sites. Porn too. Also, video calling apps are making a killing.

“In the face of a global pandemic, Zoom Video has become a top performing stock on the NASDAQ this year with up to 130% gains, or nearly a 160% spread when considering the 30% market decline.” –

Beth Kindig

Music, e-learning, therapy, counselling, and several service types are emerging at the fore of the digital transformation. Poets, content developers and writers should expect a spike in demand. More people are publishing and telling stories or building new digital brands. Some will Join this 21-day writing course before the end of lock-down!

There’s nothing more that people would pay for than products that help them relax and beat anxiety and boredom. Think about how your product and service can transform to a digital solution.

Finally, this article by Bernard Marr discusses How The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Fast-Tracking Digital Transformation In Companies. This article might be a great read for your staff this Monday. Thanks for reading and sharing.


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