Life and Transitions I have Made in Five Years

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Let me tell you about my life 5 years ago. The picture below shows a brown faded shirt I bought as an undergraduate. I was always too broke to buy the kind of shirts I wanted.

It’s five years later and I am a better version of myself. A lot of times, I receive messages from old acquaintances expressing shock. I wonder if they expect me to remain the same.

It’s only the dead remain unchanged. And I am only impressed and happy when I meet my friends who have grown.

The shirt in the first picture was a wash and wear shirt. I bought a black one too I think. I could not afford ironing clothes. I could not afford a packed shirt because I had no hangers to keep my shirts. I would sell recharge cards some days just to buy food in school.

One thing though, I never allowed my circumstances overwhelm me. I still graduated with awards and was the second top student in my class.

Ties were a compulsory part of our clothing on Wednesdays. We had a lecturer who made this the law for his class. I am pretty sure that day I took the picture five years ago was a Wednesday and we were waiting for Prof. Segun Ogunba. I managed to get a secondhand tie and would usually twist it into a knot just before the class.

I hate ties nonetheless. I’d rather lose a job than wear ties everyday of my life 🤧.

Things change really fast. That image of me in 2013 is quite different from who I am right now.

You will not always be the same person. You will change. Things will get better. You will play a part in your own transformation so the #tenyearschallenge is needed.

Some of us struggle to appreciate how much work we have put into our own lives. Pictures can help us truly appreciate how much we have invested in ourselves. It’s allowed 😎

Meanwhile, you can read some books I have written in the past five years. Check the links below.


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