Be Inspired to Think Less about Yourself and Give More

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Send a kind message to people around you. Let them feel like you are trying to give more than receive.

Why exactly do we have so much hurt and pain going on around us? Because everyone pays attention to what they want than what they can give. It’s almost Christmas, start giving.

Children, be kind to your elderly parents. Yesterday, my mom sent me a message. She was concerned about my visit home and I felt I needed to tell her some uncomfortable truth. She was hurt by this but was also open to conversation. Eventually she listened and her fears were allayed. The reason she was able to listen is because her advice was coming from a place of love and not a desire to impose.

Parents, be gentle on your children. They might not be as experienced as you are but they are quite intelligent too. Your fear and paranoia will not save them.

Husbands love your wives. Not because you paid her dowry. Look on that gem and appreciate her for having your back. Most of us don’t care, she does.

Wives, love your husbands. They might not do things right. However, men are not dogs, they are not babies either. Excusing our irresponsibility on such grounds is just as terrible as disregarding our little victories.

Family and friends are the greatest burdens you have to bear. Be careful about how tightly you hold on to them. Leave space for people to disappoint, to reject, to disagree.

Give to your government, because you are the government. As much as we regret the failures of our leaders, we can also give tolerance, peace, honesty and hard work. Every honest work done, is an affront to our failing society.

If we all were giving, more than receiving, the world would be easier on us all. It’s a new week, what can you do differently?

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  1. Dells

    Beautiful post as always bro.


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