Grow through Imperfect Design: Stop Poking Holes in Great Ideas When You Can Sell Them!

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If you often poke holes in everyone’s great idea, you might never succeed at business or even in the smallest ventures.

When I write product copy or marketing content for businesses, I can easily see the problems with their product. Instead of seeing them as failures, we often tag them customer objection. The job of selling a product isn’t always tied to the perfection of the product.

If you need the product to be perfect before you can sell it, then maybe you just are terrible at sales. In marketing and sales, after you’ve worked hard on the product design, the next thing you do is persuade buyers that the benefits of the product outweighs any objections they have.

So, instead of poking holes at your ideas, see those little missing pieces as gaps that you can fill later on by upgrading your product or creating new ones. In fact, it’s okay if you are not the perfect answer to all problems. Humans know how to mix and match. The biggest favour you can do for yourself is learning how to overcome people’s objections to your goals.

Forget about that problem with your product.
Stop procrastinating.
Stop using perfection as an excuse to do nothing.
Start meeting your customers halfway.
You cannot improve a product that customers haven’t tried.

So whether you are looking to start a business, apply for a job, launch a product, start a Shopify platform, launch a book, you need to let go of that perfectionist trap. Do your best to be your best, then sell the product like it’s the only way forward!

I hope this helps someone be less of a sceptic and more of an optimist today. Let your words and messaging drive confidence in the people and businesses you represent.

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