Freelance Writing on Fiverr with a Mind-blowing Strategy

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If you ask me what works for me, I’d say you must do freelance writing on Fiverr with a mind-blowing strategy. Recently I closed two writing deals worth $250 on Fiverr. I had to be done with one in 24 hrs and the other in 2 days.

This is how Fiverr works simply:

  • Open an account like Facebook.
  • Compose your profile.
  • Create gigs that are bought from all over the world; Millions if potential customers.
  • Optimize, Wait, Sell, Optimize again.

I have explained this process in details.

For N2,500, you can get started with your own account and receive technical guidance.

I also added information on some of my most profitable freelance ideas. Tools and resources I use to make money.

For example, this flyer was made with Canva. You can charge up to $50 for it. Register a Free Account here

Full Disclosure: I get paid by Canva anytime you register through my links and pay for Canva Pro.

In the freelance business, prompt delivery always helps your business grow. I finished a 3-day job in 24 hours, I got a 5-Star, a good tip and a satisfied customer.

The company was a management consulting brand in Seattle. The job was to optimize their web copy for search and identify competitors. I enjoyed the inquisitive nature of this client as well.

Great Reviews Help Your Strategy

After I completed the job, I got a 5-star and a tip. Nice job!

I got a new request for a brand story within the hour for a wedding gift company also in the US.

I believe a lot of Americans are starting businesses recently for some reason. This spike in orders from the US tells me my gigs have been performing well for that demographic.

Just as I was completing those ones, a message came in from a new gig I had created.

And this is amazing!

Super amazing!

The gig’s first stand-alone order was for $295!!

What I mean is that I didn’t have to up sell it to another client. The first order for this gig was smaller and I had only recommended it to a client who bought another gig. I got a 5-star on that one so they did a repeat purchase of my new gig. Now, a new client found and paid immediately for my biggest package.

Waiting is also part of the Fiverr strategies. Your gigs have to take time to marinate and feed into the search of the market. It might take days for some and months for others. Just don’t discard your gigs if you are sure you have followed the instructions in my new book “Essential Freelancer’s Starter Pack”.

I am so excited to wake up and work today and you know why? Getting paid in forex feels yummy 🤤

I’ve got a lot more of this type of content coming. If you’ve been looking for resources to grow your online business, brand or product browse my bookstore for helpful resources. Contact me to write copy for your product launches.


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