Customer Reviews Can Hurt You: Freelance Writer Starter Pack

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The recent times I got a tip from a client on Fiverr, it felt so good. Even though it was just about $5 added to my base fee of about $50, I felt accomplished and appreciated.

Bad reviews can be just as demoralizing. There are days I have woken up to bad reviews and I won’t even feel like working that day again.

Some people sulk all day when they get bad reviews. It can really mess with your head. I have seen some bad business escalate and I cannot imagine how those involved felt afterwards.

Good reviews are like the dopamine of freelance or contracts. It makes you feel powerful and capable. It’s validation.

It’s just like getting a salary bonus. Some clients tell me that they were satisfied with how well I wrote their brand story and how quickly I did it.

They also leave a 5-star review.

This means that they are signalling to other prospects that “this is someone you want to do business with”.

I get referrals from a lot after jobs on social media. Referrals are like reviews. They can work magic on how much money you make as a service provider.

A few years back I was reading the book “How to Be a Gentleman” by John Bridges. It was only then I knew that it’s good manners to give 10-20% of your bill as a tip to the waiter.

It also helps the waiter feel like they are valuable.

I try really hard to comply even when I am not out on a date. Tipping could help you impress the lady but it’s more sensible if you make it about rewarding good service.

Do you give tips and reviews?

Uber Eats, for example, allows tips and reviews. I know a lot of apps allow you to review and tip if you are buying stuff.

Almost every marketplace has a way of helping customers find good service.

So if a particular person is getting good reviews and tips, they are more likely to show often to buyers than someone getting bad reviews.

This is just reasonable. You don’t want to rank a bad seller to the top of your search. That will only give bad user experience to people bringing their money.

Every freelance writer should take reviews, feedback and tips seriously. Don’t be flippant about customers who don’t have good things to say about you.

It’s not like paid employment where you get your salary whether your boss is happy or not.

On Fiverr, it’s really hard to get noticed. You need to patiently learn how to become more visible and relevant to freelance platforms like that.

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Do you need to make your Fiverr Account profitable?

Then this is perfect for you.

This week, I am making the “Essential Freelancer’s Starter Pack” available at any price.

From as low as one thousand naira. It might cost more after this bonus expires.

I want to know your thoughts on this:

Do you think people should give bad reviews or just avoid giving a review? I think it might be painful to get bad reviews but people’s honesty can make sure the right people get hired or paid to deliver. In this new week, try to ask your clients for reviews and see how it affects your business.

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