Zainab Haruna’s Midas Touch and the Soup N Stew Empire

There’s this myth in Nigeria and parts of Africa that some women have the Midas Touch. The myth propounds that even if a poverty stricken man can only just marry a woman, his fate would be reversed

Trevor Noah: The best 5-minutes elevator conversation I had with the man.

“Donald Trump has made everyone interested in everything, everywhere. He’s a worldwide phenomenon. And with everything that’s going on — the Muslim ban, threats to women’s rights, the environment

​Our Undeserved Righteousness: An encounter with S’fico Ncwane

This morning I stumbled on comments under a song I have had on repeat for close to a week. S’fico Ncwane’s “Hallelujah” song has held me spellbound for days. I keep repeating this song. I hardly understand a quarter of…

How love affects successful writing, beautiful expression that works.

Let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river. – Malagasy Proverb You can’t possibly make anyone love you if you don’t love yourself enough. Like business negotiations, love is a strict bargain. There is a…

Essential Ingredients for a Focused Writing Session; The Self-Expression Dilemma.

An elderly man once asked his protege who wanted to be a world-renowned speaker “Do you want to be a great speaker? Or do you want great people to listen to you Or do you want to be known by…