22 Easy Descriptions for Writing Services that Businesses Buy!

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Today on the blog, I want to give you 22 easy descriptions for your writing service. One of the biggest reasons a lot of writers don’t make money is that you cannot even tell a 5-year-old what you do without getting confused.

At the same time, potential clients are not sure if you offer the services they need. Most of the time, writers are already offering services worth hundreds of dollars for free to people in their network.

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They just don’t know how to define this product and sell it as a package. In my 1-month mentoring program, one of the things we discussed was how to turn writing into a product. I think this list would help a lot of people as we start the week.
If you are struggling to define your product as a writer, then this list should help you. It is a list of 22 product packages you can sell if you have above-average writing skills:

  1. Articles & Blog Posts – Increase business visibility and search engine optimization using industry-relevant authority content that sells brands to visitors on websites.
  2. Translation – Write content in other languages.
  3. Proofreading & Editing – Eliminate errors that can make the content look amateurish or outright lazy.
  4. Resume Writing – Add value to a resume by describing experiences and work profile.
  5. Cover Letters – Convince assessment bodies of a capacity to deliver on a project, job, or research.
  6. LinkedIn Profiles – Optimize LinkedIn for opportunities by writing a better profile and status updates relevant to a specific field.
  7. Ad Copy – Create ad content that will be convincing enough for readers to engage and drive engagement.
  8. Sales Copy – Close prospects on a sales page by providing concise information about products.
  9. Social Media Copy – Communicate a brand effectively and drive engagement.
  10. Email Copy – Nurture prospects using the power of emails.
  11. Book & eBook Writing – Create info products and solutions that would connect with the mind of potential buyers or brand leads.
  12. Book Editing – Keep errors out of book publishing projects.
  13. Scriptwriting – A lot more video adverts are now scripted before designs, businesses are taking advantage of this.
  14. Creative Writing – All forms of creative conversations can drive interest in your brand.
  15. Brand Voice & Tone – Set the tone and message for brands by writing a brand story that connects with the customer’s pain-point.
  16. Speechwriting – provide a rousing speech that would connect with a given audience and remain memorable.
  17. eLearning Content Development – Help to create the content of training or courses for facilitators.
  18. White Papers – Address industry-specific challenges by focusing on a brand’s innovative approach and solution.
  19. Website Content – Optimize visibility, keywords, and search results by providing content for web pages.
  20. Product Descriptions – this is explanatory. Describe products in ways that make buyers want to buy.
  21. Business Names & Slogans – create business names, product names, taglines, and slogans that are memorable and catchy enough to keep businesses top-of-mind.
  22. Grant Writing – Write applications for grants with a view to persuading grant-makers to fund a project.

I got this list from Fiverr and added easy explanations so you can go do a little more research on your own. Some of these sell at between $15-$500 or more.
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