Trending Marketing Strategy: Case Study, The Tony Elumelu Foundation Influencer Network!

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Today I got an email from the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) that I was now a part of their Influencer Network. The intro went like this:

“Hello Jonathan Damilola Oladeji,
Thank you for collaborating with us. Your social media profile looks amazing!”

The TEF Influencer Network keeps expanding by the minute so I decided to share this idea with you. From all over Africa, young writers, marketers, leaders and even startup owners have been recruited to promote the $5000 valued grant opportunity for Africans.

Members are from Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and lots more.

It was a really great feeling that I felt when I received this email confirming that I was now a TEF Influencer. Immediately I have begun to promote TEF content while pushing mine back through their network.

You may have seen similar strategies employed by Opera News and MLM companies. The reason this strategy works is that it gives content creators an opportunity to leverage on bigger brands. In some cases, it comes with monetary compensation. However, with TEF, it’s a pure volunteer process.

The email correspondence says I’d be getting access to events and also have opportunities to share my content relating to entrepreneurship in the TEF network while I help with promoting the TEF brand.

I look forward to reaching an even bigger network from my blog, through this opportunity. 

Immediately I joined the Influencer group on Telegram, I sent the team leader some of my best articles to be featured. You might want to read the 3 articles if you have not:

1. Writing Newsletters: Email Marketing for Noobs.

2. Silence is Bad Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses using Digital Platforms.

3. How to Build A Magnetic Brand Using Content Marketing

Cross-Platform Promotion and Influencer Marketing

I’d like to suggest that you also look out for global networks that would collaborate with you and give you a chance to grow through their network. This is a basic marketing strategy. You serve as an influencer to bring in micro-scale traffic that contributes to a macro-scale network. Using the power of collaboration to capture markets.

One would wonder why organizations like TEF still need social media influencers. A lot of people undermine the power of goodwill and stories in building a global brand. However, TEF proves to be catching up with global trends.

As such, this is more than just an honour. I’d do my best to represent the village and elders well.

If you have supported my blog, followed my page, or beena part of those who share my posts, you are part of the village elders following me. Una Daalu, E shey, Nagode, Thank you

Apply for the TEF $5000 Grant

Tony Elumelu Foundation is still accepting applications! You could be the next Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur.

Women are encouraged to apply. Do you have a business startup that less than 3 years old?

Visit to apply. 


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