The Tora Brand Story, Ized & Nurturing Networks.

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It was Ized Uanikhehi‘s birthday yesterday and I noticed Orifunke writing on WhatsApp about some Challenge she posted, a Scavenger hunt. This reminded me about a feature post I had started to make about Ized.

 Ized Uanikhehi Co-founder of TORA Africa, the founder, and convener of DigiClan, former CNN social producer and director of marketing at Metro Africa Xpress (MAX).

This feature post is going to capture two things:

  1. The Tora Brand.
  2. Ized’s recent thoughts on nurturing networks.

The Tora Brand

While scouring my social feed for exciting things happening with local African and Nigerian brands, I sometimes hit gold.

Tora is an impact driven transportation technology and Human resources startup that recruits, trains, verifies, insures, provides background checked drivers for ALL kinds of vehicles.

  • Bullion Vans
  • Government / Security Convoys
  • Trailers / Lorries / Other Big Vehicles
  • Vans / Buses / Pick ups
  • Agricultural Vehicles / Tractors
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Personal Vehicles
  • 3 wheelers
  • Motorcycles (dispatch and transport)

Located in the heart of Lagos, in the city of Isolo, on 2500 sqms, riding and testing grounds and offices. Tora Academy (TORA) is a live-in academy facility dedicated to producing world-class trained drivers.
Recruitees are taught basic reading comprehension, defensive driving skills, great customer interaction skills, understanding Google maps, proper work ethics, basic etiquette, proper hygiene, and vehicle maintenance.
For Convoys and official vehicles, the drivers are taught security driving, how to drive in groups, what to look out for and what to do in case of emergencies.

Ized’s Social Content and Stories About Tora

It’s exciting to have a frontrow seat as Ized shares some of her most intimate thoughts about her brand. From when the inception of MaxNg, to all the wins that followed. Now Tora!

Ized says:

Our clients have doubled, 10 great drivers = increased clout = more requests for more great drivers = 1000 great drivers = more work = more training = (apart from football, I don’t have a social life)

One training center is now becoming 6 training centers.
Field agents tripled.

Jumia is sending their logistics partners to us for riders.
Verification/ Security team is expanding.

Ized Uanikhehi

Now Tora is recruiting in Abuja & Lagos. is the website.

To try out Tora drivers you can easily get a driver/rider HERE. Maybe you are rather interested in working with Ized and her team as a driver then head on over HERE.

Nurturing Networks.

Understanding how people become brands that are disrupting social media with brilliant stories is one of the reasons I write. I am passionate about Africa and this is why I look for all the best stories and share them.

This post by Ized helped me understand a major reason for the success of her brands. She may not have said this explicitly but nurturing networks is an important for anyone who wants to start or run a successful business.

Ized has this to say about networks:

In a few years (or months) from now, your network (circle) is going to be at the top.

Some of them top politicians, some heading fortune500 companies, others- founders of huge amazing tech startups, heading the big news networks, government organisations & NGOs.

You inclusive, so nurture your networks, they say “them no dey write *potential* for head…”

Increase the odds of having the right connections by increasing your networks. Don’t be a recluse.

Schedule time on your calendar for social events, go for some, network at those events. One or 2 hours a week won’t kill you.

Use your social media, text, comment, email, have rich, valuable conversations.

Invest – no matter how little, maybe not monetary, may be time, but in business promotions or client connection of others’ businesses.

Coach. Mentor. Speak at an event or 2.

Be an active part of a community, whether work or sports or lifestyle community.

But don’t spend all of your time networking and then forget to build your own kingdom, I am going to need you soon. so amma need you now to keep growing.

Also, do not despise the small guys, everyone has a place in the scheme of things.
Remember, your lantern can do what the SUN cannot do- it can shine at night.

Alright, that’s it from Tora and Ized. I hope you learned something new about Africa, Nigeria, Stories, Content and Startups. Happy Birthday, Ized.

It would be nice to hear what you think about Tora. Leave a comment below this post and let’s exchange ideas. Thanks for stopping by.


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