This article on how I meet and close interesting deals online was first a post on my social account.

Seeing that a lot of my readers wanted to engage, I felt I should blog it as well.

I should share this exciting experience I am having. I got paid $75 to write the review of a worship song.

I am not sure who spoke to this UK preacher about me. I only know that they found me on Facebook and sent a message. Today we closed our first deal.

A few weeks ago, I did a review of a friend’s book because I enjoyed the book. She didn’t ask for it. But this is what I do.

Do I Enjoy Writing?

I honestly, truthfully enjoy myself doing it. Asides the money, writing gives me pleasure. But let’s not put the money aside. I enjoy the money too!! My skill is one of the things I am grateful for. The ability to give it freely and also get paid for it at my discretion is one of the biggest joys I have.

I have recently been paid $50 to write a few words about a U.S. based website. This one is not a review I will be sharing on my website. And it’s just one out of several other projects I have been working on all week.

Writing Reviews feels like consultation sessions made public. I feel like it’s an opportunity to dive into another person’s mind and see their soul, and maybe help them refine the message they are trying to unburden. So I thoroughly enjoy myself doing my work. In January, I have written words worth over $1200, right from my house and I am not even sweating.

Getting Paid to Write Content Feels Like The Icing on Cake

Every time I get an order, I have this image of a budding business owner in a privileged country who can spare money that is worth a lot more to me in South Africa. And that’s the way I see potential in others. I understand that when properly aligned, there is someone that wants to pay out of their savings for a skill that someone is stubbornly refusing to build. Writing for me comes as easy as the rain falls from the sky.

The Bible passage that applies: “A man’s gift makes way for him”. I believe so much in this rule of success.

Somewhere out there, someone is having a headache over a problem that only you can solve. The earlier you embrace your capacity and make yourself available, the better. Let me even tell you about the Gospel Music I will be reviewing. I have hardly preached on my wall but I am certain there’s a reason this UK preacher woman messaged me a few weeks ago. She had just released a song which she felt would be a blessing and therapy for the trying times the world had seen in 2020. She thinks that my candid opinion would help her and she would like my readers to also listen to her song.

Now, understand that I am never a religious bigot and would not come here to peddle to anyone a song that has no merit at all. So when she approached me, I told her that I am not a music producer or marketer. I wasn’t too sure how she wanted me to help since the lyrics of the song was already written. After some hours of talking, we agreed that I should hear the song and write what comes to my heart about it.

You Should Keep Building Whatever You Love

Have you been preaching online? One day it will make way for you. Are you in music? Your market is out there. Do you write songs? Are you a storyteller like me? You have an explosive gift that you have not even begun to fathom.

I have shared here how I applied to present my research at the American Real Estate Society and got accepted. I have talked about how opportunities have come to me in various ways. What I may not share often enough is how important it is to cultivate a habit of creation.

When my laptop started giving some problems a few days ago, I had several jobs lined up in my Fiverr account and yet I couldn’t work with the laptop. I took it to the technician and it got admitted so I had not had my laptop in 2 days. Guess what? I have been working from my phone like I used to do when I started out.

Harsh Times Teach You Skills for The Future

I see a lot of people complain about not having laptops or not having enough electricity, or not having enough data. Don’t get me wrong, those are real problems that must eventually be tackled. We will keep speaking and advocating to our leaders. However, disciplines you don’t cultivate in tough times will not jump on you suddenly when all is good. I am not the first Nigerian to come to South Africa for studies.

I am not the first unemployed or underemployed Nigerian. The conditions that we complain about today have been there for ages and will continue to be. What we must learn is the discipline that allows our gifts to shine brighter than the problems. In spite of the challenges, it’s important to let your capacity be louder than the problems around you. They might seem so numerous and bad. The conditions you are facing is what millions are also facing but everyone gets a shot. We all get an opportunity to redirect our lives.

This is where your gifts are important. Hone those gifts while opportunity is lacking. Sometimes miracles delay because they will not find their target when prematurely released. So position yourself and start making a change right from where you are.

What Am I Up To?

I am starting a monthly mentoring for writers who are hungry to grow. They’ll learn:

  • The exact process that built my skill as a writer.
  • How I turned my hobby into a business.
  • How I have attracted and maintained a portfolio of tens and hundreds of dollars worth of content.
  • The exact methods that have helped me build a profitable freelancer account.
  • A detailed module on copywriting.
  • Important marketing, branding and business development strategies that have helped me grow my profit to over $1000 monthly.

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