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Wimpy teacher in NYSC camp

National Youth Service Scheme (Orientation camp) Umunya is dusty, and hot. The type of sleep we have here is sweat-sleep, you wake up in a pool of body fluid. It has been about 2weeks now, I have been keeping daily journal of events: The utility shack experience ( pit...

Nigeria (NYSC Calls)

Nigeria (NYSC Calls)

</a Hello people, I have some good news and some bad news!..... The good news is that I have received my call to duty. I have to serve my nation Nigeria in the mandatory 1-year National youth service corps (NYSC). Its a programme put in place by the Federal...

If asked how it feels to be me…

If asked how it feels to be me, right now I am not feeling that great bout the idea God. I just want to be strong, to do exactly those things I planned to do and not do those things your word has convinced me I should not do. I just want to be like the second Adam but...


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