Learn Market Tricks that Most Writers Don’t Know!!

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How many times have you heard that your writing sucks?

Maybe you even say it to yourself, “My writing sucks😱! I’m never going to make it big!”

Stop that! This minute!

I bet it’s heartbreaking. It’s the same way you feel when you lose a girlfriend, boyfriend or lover!

You keep asking yourself, why? What am I missing?

You blame yourself for not being enough.

What if I told you there’s absolutely nothing missing. You are just hungry for some validation!

You want to be told that you are the best! That someone wants you.

We all want to be wanted.

However, It’s not going to happen while you are under those bed covers, crying, wishing for a miracle. You have to do something about those cravings.

If you’ve been looking for a good relationship, you need to look for the market of other singles.

You keep asking yourself, why? What am I missing?

If you want to be rich, you have to find the market for money and how to get that from those who are willing to spend.

Whatever you want in this world, there is a market for it out there.

So, let’s talk about something you have been ignoring.

The market.

The market is the most impartial judge for writers like you. If you want to find out how good you really are, you need to get out there and knock on doors. Find out what stuff you are really made of.

Businesses all over the world are falling over themselves to hire the best storytellers. It’s a mad rush out here. You need to jump off your butt and find out how exciting it is to pitch your stories and skills then find your ideal customers.

Are you ready to prove all those cheesy writing panels wrong?
Do you think, if you had a fair shot at success, you can win?

The market is the most impartial judge for writers

When I first discovered my passion for storytelling, I was scared and confused. I made the exact mistake you have been making. I thought that I needed a lot of medals from big literary events before I could get hired as a writer.

I felt like writing was something that needed special rituals. I wanted to be accepted all over the world before I could make an impact in my own area. I was a sad and lonely writer. I wasn’t supposed to be unhappy and unproductive, given the talent I had.

It was sometime in 2017 that I figured out the trick to being a fulfilled and happy content writer and storyteller. I give comprehensive training here: bit.ly/writingmasterminds

Three (3) tricks that changed everything for me:

1. Write.
2. Market.
3. Re-purpose.

I discovered that I had been doing it all wrong. I was looking for platforms elsewhere. I was looking for applause from other people. I wanted someone to tell others that I was a good writer. I wanted to be announced to the world like a champion.

Meanwhile, I had at my disposal some of the most dynamic tools that could get me in front of thousands of prospects at the click of a mouse.

Luckily, I figured this out soon and got to work.

Soon I had clients lined up for every month. I have my graphics designer guy on standby. I have teams I outsource a lot of editing and content pieces to. I practically now lose track of time while working. I can’t believe how fast the year has gone!!!

By taking control of my own process, I was:
1. Getting all the validation I needed.
2. Building a massive network all over the world.
3. Making friends across the continent.
4. Fixing my own work hours.
5. Directing my own strategies.

I have learned so much from building a unique process for myself. This has made it easy for my clients to get their writing projects executed with 100% confidence in my capacity to deliver. You can do way better than me!

Whether it’s the simplest social posting to the most complex web content project. The market continues to respond to those who can evolve rapidly. What kind of writer do you want to be? The one still dreaming or the one making the market work for them? Give this 21-days writing program a go. The results would amaze you!!

Here’s the link again: bit.ly/writingmasterminds



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