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Financial Planning; The New Year Saving & Hoarding Rush

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Business, Inspire, Self Development | 0 comments

I noticed a lot of people making financial plans for 2020. A lot joining savings groups, opening fresh piggyvest accounts and what nots. And the thought struck me, what if saving and hoarding is not the way to go.

As Warren Buffet said is in his book, when everyone is buying, sell, and when they are selling, buy. He dares us to go against our instincts. I loved that he explained how sometimes popular sentiments can help you decide what you shouldn’t be doing.

Checking my bank statements for 2019, I had a lot of debits and a fewer number of credits. However, those credits were large enough to cover for the times I reached out to others.

“The wealth you have is not yours to keep”.

Be it in terms of money, wisdom, skill, talent.

Not offering your services or marketing your brand right is a form of selfishness. You keep telling yourself that you are not yet there. While someone is languishing in lack of that exact information you have.

If you are too afraid to give, you are closing yourself off to receiving.

Don’t hoard your networks, don’t hoard your ideas, don’t hoard your methods.

“The wealth you have is not yours to keep”.

Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

You are not the smartest, the biggest, or the most powerful, yet you receive opportunities and only through grace are you positioned to expand that little you have.

Your friend is asking for help and your first instinct is to fear that they will become bigger and better than you. What if they do? It will forever still be to your credit.

Or your friend is trying to grow a business and you are afraid to pay them enough money because it might make them rich like you. If all your friends become rich, then your riches have grown. It means your network has become a wealthy one. A rich man in the company of unfortunate friends is only digging a grave of misfortune for himself.

It’s a poor mindset that thinks that by giving out, that you’d lose wealth. Of course, don’t give out your business capital, don’t give out business secrets but everyone has something to give.

Your first job in building your brand and legacy is in discovering what you can give without hurting your relationships, networks, and business.

May selfishness and fear not limit us in the new year.

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